Searching for projects

Hello there! ^^
I’m new here and searching for Korean-English or English-Korean projects.
Also, I’m wondering when does the channel manager reply to my messages? like the range of time.

Thanks in Advance and I’m really happy to be part of this community:relaxed::heart:
Have a nice day.

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Welcome to the community! Have you already tried to send private messages to channel managers or chief editors for the shows you are interested in? I think there are several “On Air” and “Coming Soon” shows that are still recruiting Kor-Eng subbers so you should be able to find a project to work on. If you need further assistance, feel free to send me a message as well. Good luck!

Yes i already did send message to several channel managers and waiting for their respond. :dancer:t2::dancer:t2::dancer:t2:
But all projects i found are Eng-Kor, I didn’t find any Kor-Eng.
If you can help i will be really thankful. :heart:

Plz suggest projects for me that are intermediate not advanced; as I’m still new to this and testing my skills. :sweat_smile::heart:
Thanks in advance!

If you are still unsure about your subbing skills, I would definitely advise you to stay away from any historical, political, or medical dramas. Perhaps, you should start with a web drama. Instead of using the project finder, comb through “Coming Soon” section and look for the shows that have a subtitle team and send a private message to the CM or CE. Once you find yourself in a team and prove to the team members that you are reliable as well as competent, you will likely get invited to some of their next projects.

Also, I know that @jedelande, who is the channel manager for the “After School Club” variety show, is always recruiting Kor-Eng subbers, if you are interested in a variety show.


Wow, Thanks a lot for your advice and fast reply :heart::heart:.
Will do that. :blush: