Secrets of Three Kingdoms & suggestions the Three Kingdoms period


I really want to watch Secrets of Three Kingdoms! I saw Viki had a fan channel (nope, I don’t want to contribute on this channel, I want to watch it while relaxing, without having to care about grammar :yum:)

I’m really impatient to watch it and I couldn’t wait for the license on Viki (if it gets licensed), that’s why I searched for it everywhere (only to find 1 website but it was raw episodes that I couldn’t get myself to watch, no I just couldn’t, I would have gone crazy not understanding anything, and now, they were taken down).
I’m enough desesperate to ask if someone knows where I could possibly watch it in English (please, don’t post it here but pm me instead…).

I really liked “Redcliff” movie and this era and their heroes (Cao Cao, Liu Beii!!!), so much that I wanted to know more about it and began to read Romance of the Three Kingdoms in English, but I’m reading it like a turtle (ugh, this book is hard to read for me :sob: I’m blocked at the beginning… let me watch more of Three Kingdoms!)

If anyone has suggestions of dramas or books like Redcliff movie or Secrets of Three Kingdoms or during this era, I’m all ears, I’m in my period Three Kingdoms, gotta take it out of my system :slight_smile: :bow:

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Three Kingdoms - the landmark drama, 95 episodes, 2010. THIS is the most awesome way to get up to speed.

Features absolutely amazing acting…the You Tube version has extra notes. It’s awesome. :slight_smile:

It also features Lu Yi as Zhuge Liege…star-studded cast…I think Peter Ho plays Lu Bu…

If you PM me, I can tell you where to look, if you cannot find it easily. :slight_smile:

I was watching it myself to prep for Advisors Alliance among other research…sigh.

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Taking notes while eating homemade lemon&speculos cheesecake + chocolate cream (saying goodbye to my diet :joy:), giving you some :slight_smile::

  • Three Kingdoms 95 episodes (wonder when I’d sleep XD nevermind YOLO!)
  • Advisors Alliance? Is it during the Three Kingdoms period? I’ve never watched it.

You won’t believe me but sue me because:
I got to watch on Netflix (not on Viki :sob:) Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny a few weeks ago.
I was like “Oh, my fudging God! It was gooood!”. I’m sure I watched the first one because “Tigre et Dragon” (in French), I heard it from my relatives and I must have watched it with them, the actress and flashbacks reminded me something but I have such a fish memory that I must have forgotten it, yes, sue me. I have to watch it again soon to understand what they’re talking about in the 2nd movie.


laughing. Thank you for the cheesecake. :slight_smile:

I will send you the links for where these are on you tube privately, to avoid any trouble. Alas, in English, not French - not sure if the French exists for either.

Ahhh…you would enjoy “House of the Flying Daggers” too. :slight_smile:

Also possibly Qin Empire - related - another perspective of…Song of Phoenix period. :slight_smile: Song is the Chu angle, Qin Empire is the Qin version. :slight_smile:

So much fun. Three Kingdoms has a lot of humor in it…it’s excellent. :slight_smile:

Okay, my break is over, back to things I must do - and I’ll send those links. :slight_smile:

Please enjoy. :slight_smile:

Crouching Dieter, Hidden Donut

p.s. if you realllly want to get absolutely nothing done but watch two more SPLENDID dramas…Ahem. Tribes and Empires, Storm of Prophecy…and Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms are around. :slight_smile:

LOL, guess what? After rewatching Redcliff, I was looking for movies with the same actors… I fall upon “House of the Flying Daggers” (with the Japanese actor Takeshi Kaneshiro). Before watching it, I was just expecting to watch Takeshi in awesome fighting scenes, but I was more impressed by the blind girl!
One of the best scenes I’ve ever seen in a Chinese movie: when she’s dancing, playing the drum, making the sword fly, dancing in the air. It’s just incredible. A blind girl… Really???
Omg if you have other suggestions with women fighting like that, I’m in! That was so cool to watch!

Forget about French versions, I’m training my English skills while watching the English version

  • it’s in my head, but I feel like I’m more close to the essence of their words, close to the meaning when I watch in English. Drinking, tasting and savouring each word better when I read English subtitles :slight_smile:

Thanks for the links! I’m so excited to watch it!! Woot Woot! I hope I won’t be disappointed (if only I didn’t have these expectations :sob:).

-Adding Qin Empire and Song Phoenix.

But which one do you prefer?
I don’t know which one I should begin with if I had to pick 1 immediately or if I only get to watch 1 drama this month, which one?! So hard to pick!

I…have seen all three of Song of Phoenix, Three Kingdoms, and Qin Empire.

Here’s my take: Song of Phoenix - is interesting. Please…do not take the first 15 minutes of this drama seriously. There is a dream sequence and nobody knows what they were thinking…other then how to drive the viewers insane. Once you get past that…well…it’s poetry, history, songs…we had three HUGE google docs to cover the Team Notes. 78 episodes of mostly interesting…spy girl…a dashing and mysterious minister of another country…rivalries…one completely unkissable character…“Mo Chou the Unkissable” I’ve called her since… It’s here at Viki and I know it very well. Really an amazing Team there. :slight_smile:

Three Kingdoms…ahhhh masterfully done, on the link I gave you. The detail is astonishing. 95 episodes, and you won’t be bored. Lu Yi puts in an amazing performance. Lu Bu is brought beautifully to life by Peter Ho…you will stare, trust me. There’s comedy, and history, and romance…you will also find Zhao Zilong in this - Sun Quan - many of the Red Cliff folks are in this. :slight_smile: DEFINITELY Cao Cao and a great performance there too. :slight_smile: The man who plays Liu Biu in this…plays Cao Cao in Advisors Alliance!

Qin Empire is different - the same “dashing” Qin minister…but a different look to him entirely - you will laugh at the differences with Song of Phoenix.

So…Qin Empire and Song of Phoenix have some commonality.

Three Kingdoms and Advisors Alliance also. :slight_smile:

Stock up on cheesecake…and tissues, you will need them in places.

All of them are worth viewing. :slight_smile:

Crouching Dieter, Hidden Donut has many more dramas viewed…oh…and there are THREE series of Qin Empire. What you have there on Netlfix is the first one - Alliance. :slight_smile:

Any updates? The fall of the Eastern Han period is interesting! There’s the History of China podcast, a TW game etc. that peaked my interest. Though never got into cdrama. secrets seem interesting having watched ep1

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Anyone watched “The Warring States” I’m not sure anymore if this includes the 3 Kingdoms or it’s before, but it was a thrilling movie, I might have watched on viki but can’t find it.

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I don’t think I have watched it, I see Kim HeeSeon starred in it, she does cross over into mainland China films. Dispatch caught up with her recently.

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If I have it right she also played in Ice Fantasy as Lian Ji a from the mermaid tribe…

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Yes, See photos and other info about the cast on Google

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@aznative, and @deadliftdiva_548 are likely fans who would know, just thinking off the top of my head.
@mattlock, this I googled, Warring States period


Personally, I’m more into the Period post the collapse of the Han empire (of ẃhich the three kingdoms is the latter half). The warring states are also interesting, but not as much and thus not as likely to get me into cdrama as a hole. :smiley:


It’s not a rabbit hole :joy: but as a whole, I get ya’! :wink::+1:t5:

Oh! Jumong, the S. Korean jem :gem: of a drama, the story line, deals with the Han’s demise.

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End of Han Dynasty - Three Kingdoms - you would get Advisors Alliance and Growling Tiger, the rise of Cao Wei. Three Kingdoms - 2010 drama with 95 eps i believe is really super good. :slight_smile:

After that, there’s other drama options - Prince of Lan Ling - that goes through Gao Changgong’s world in the Northern Qi dynasty…

After that - there is a decent one about Sui and Tang as well - the end of Sui, start of Tang. I think it’s Heroes of Sui and Tang.


Actually, Jumong is in the middle of the Han dynasty -


I stand corrected! :raising_hand_woman:t5:‍♀ :slight_smile: :blush:

I am so waiting for the first to be completed, hence, I have not watched the second - which is fully subbed! :sparkles::wink: Simply because I’m a binge watcher.

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I’m probably reaaaaally too late but there’s an incredible good drama set in Three Kingdom s period - it’s called The Wind Blows from Longxi and it starrs Chen Kun and Bai Yu

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