Seeking Opportunities as a Korean-to-English Translator

Are any teams in need of more Korean-to-English translators?

It seems most of the airing dramas have enough staff so I’m wondering if there are any projects I missed that would like another subtitler. I’m a native English speaker, majoring in Korean language, culture, and linguistics so I have a good understanding of both languages. I can keep the meaning and context of the original text while making the translation flow naturally and make sense to an English-speaking audience. I am available 5 hours per day, Monday through Sunday until any assigned project is complete. I’m not a Viki Pass holder, but I’ll buy a Viki Pass if necessary for the project. I’m trying to build my translation portfolio so feel free to contact me.


The airing k-dramas don’t have “enough” translating staff, they have “no translating staff”, as Viki recently decided to give all new dramas to paid subbers, and reluctantly leave to the volunteers the editing afterwards.
However, you may easily find a position as a Korean captioner. And if you gain the trust of Chief Editors, you may become a Translation Editor: those are in high demand.
Why don’t you write to some Chief Editors and start with captioning? Many dramas also have the screenplay available so it’s just copy-pasting after checking whether the actual dialogue follows the screenplay (actors and director often change it while filming). When there isn’t a screenplay, you can exercise your Korean listening skills by transcribing what you hear.
From there, you can meet many people and get a foot in, so to speak.

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Thanks for the help!

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