Seg101 help

How do i apply for the segmenter 101 project to be tutored?


Just in case, do you want to be tutored in segmentation or in subtitling?
Both are 2 different volunteering activities that you can both do at the same time on Viki if you’d like to.

Here you can find links to the academies:
(2 academies in segmentation = Segmenter 101 and Ninja academy nssa. Some languages also have subtitling academies, look at the same link)
And also segmentation def in short: “Segmenting is the process of ‘cutting’ a video into timed parts, or segments, into which subtitles can be written. It’s an excellent way to volunteer, even if you don’t know another language.”

Big good luck and welcome to our community!! :tada:

Sadly the Segmenting 101 link is broken. Does this mean that they are no longer active? If so, it’s a pity, considering the number of people interested and the long waits to be able to take part into the program.


Oh, yeah. The link doesn’t work anymore when I tried. Same when I tried to search for “seg”, I can’t seem to find Seg 101 channel anymore :thinking: