Segment timer completely frozen

Is anyone else experiencing a frozen segment timer? I was working on a channel earlier today and all of a sudden viki started behaving weird…logging me off and on…then the seg timer froze. Right now html and flash player do not work and the seg timer keeps loading but nothing ever happens…i sent a message to viki help center already but this situation is really annoying because I need to work on my channel asap and fix the mess an abuser created over there.

In what channel have you this problem ? Because I have no problem with the segment timer today.

Kobolt, it is Night of the living dead

I have no problem, the segment timer seems to work well. I use firefox 25.0.
What is the problem with the abuser in this channel ? Can I help you ?

kobolt thanks 4 the offer but I think I can do a quick fix once the seg timer unfreezes itself. The segments have other language subtitles in them so I need to be careful how I make my edits. Thanks again ^ ^

Also , I have been meaning to ask you something but I guess I would ask you that via pm…lol…it is a silly question but I am extremely confused about what I wanna ask.

Ok, you can send me a PM at any time and you can ask what you want, there is no silly questions !