Segmenter newbie

Hi. Was wondering if it’s hard to be a segmentor? Feel like there is more of a need that TE/GE.

I watched few video that VIKI has provided. Where can I practice segmenting?


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The first step is going through the steps starting in the Sandbox and then the Academy, efter graduating you might have it easier. Some CS ad newly graduated from the academy and supports them on their first projects (I have seen it so I know I’m not the only one that had great support).
Good luck!


To follow Maria’s advice, subscribe to the NSSA here: Ninja Academy Segmenting Student Application Form

Do realize that there is a waitlist before you get in and also waitlists inbetween levels and that the entire process will take quite some time, depending on your progress and the availability of senseis. For each level, you will get another sensei.

Level 1 - 5

After Level 5, there will be exams. Once you have passed, you can work on shows as a segmenter. To apply, write a message to the CS. When the CS knows you are out there, they might also invite you.


Hi Kristen.

I notice that you’ve been on Viki since 2009 and that you have over 10,000 segs. I’m guessing that you must have done a reasonable amount of segging back when Viki was relatively new. Because of your background, I suggest that you send a message to @bjohnsonwong (BJW). She has also been around since 2009, and she is the person who oversees the NSSA Segmenting Academy that Mirjam and Maria mentioned. BJW may be able to give you some ideas that (a) take into account your past experience and (b) bring you up-to-date with the way segging is done these days.

I hope this helps,