Segmenters and ( CH-ENG) subbers need!

Hi everybody !

I’m CM on Tea Love, we got a new motivate team but unfortunately their is only few people. That’s why I need you for this project:

  • We need segmenters with the NSA’s badge contact here
  • English Subbers contact here

And other subbers please contact your langage moderator.

If you want to join this team it will be a really hard path cause all the episode but we are all passionate and motivate for finally end this project.
Their is still a lot’s of viewers who want to see the end and we would like to fulfill this wish.

Now let me (try) to convince you, this drama talking about all the process of doing tea not only how u serve it. But how to prepare it, collect it and everything. So their is a useful specifical vocabulary, ofc their is a love square (?) the cliche of poor girl with rich man…but really if u don’t like that type of things…just come for the tea.
Thanks a lot


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I wanted to see Tea Love with subs so I will try to drop by and push your segmenting quota up if you need it :slight_smile:
But I think it would be wiser to actually cut the episodes into smaller parts - for subber’s sake because tackling the whole episode at once could be problematic :wink:


yeah with pleasure, welcome to u !
About cutting part my ENG moderator have already beg me to do it. So i went to inform myself, ask to someone from viki, also ask to my CM’s friend. And the concerns is really simple: i don’t have any button for add part. That’s why i just can’t add more part. Their is normally different numbers of part and something write " add a new part" and their isn’t one for me. Maybe cause this is my first drama like a CM and i carry on a project of someone else so i don’t know lot’s of things, maybe i will have an illumination.

Really i don’t know how to change that i guess i can’t XD Thanks a lot !

go to segment timer - click More - manage the video. there will be a space on your left side of the screen where you can type in the time where you want to have the video cut. 00:00:00.000 is the format you need to use when giving the time . click add and add another part. This is actually accessible to all CMs so you should be able to do it for all parts. remember to SAVE all added parts before moving to another episodes.

I normally cut a video into 4 parts, with first break beginning around 11th - 12th minute, then 22 - 23rd minute and 34-35 minute, making sure there is enough of blank space between the dialogue and the cut to insert the extension.

you have episodes 59 - 61 ready for the subs. I will ask my team members from daily Chinese dramas to give you a hand with subtitles. Can you ask Jimmy from the community (Jimmy_l) to send you the srt files for the subtitles? we could then maybe help the lone subber on your channel to ease her workload a bit. I can totally relate to her being overwhelmed by the load of work.

I will continue wit segmenting the show whenever I have the time a my hands.