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Our Baristas to celebrate the premiere of F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers.
The F4 Thailand



F49 F41 F410


Thanks for sharing the pics. I think I have seen one or two of those actors in other projects. Where is this Thai version of Boys Over Flowers streaming?


It’s available with English subtitles at GMMTV YouTube and VIU.


Hello Santa!!


And now for something completely different.
Found this Quiz that is different from the usual. It was pretty fun!

Which BTS Member Is The Most Attracted To You?


Haha did you mean to post this here or in Vivi’s thread? Just asking :blush:


I meant to share here in the Cafe. Is it not allowed for here in the Cafe? Didn’t know about the separate Soompi Quizzes Forum.


It’s totally fine that you posted it here in the cafe. We like to discuss our funny results here sometimes, but there is also another specific thread about the fun quizzes that Soompi puts out. They are entertaining.


Thanks for the info. I also posted the Quiz in the Soompi Quizzes Forum.


Of course you can :blush:
Like @my_happy_place said, there’s a separate forum for Soompi Quizzes specifically, so I asked just in case.


I believe I read somewhere that Disney+ drama “Snowdrop” is not available in the U.S., so is this also going to be true about its other new drama “Rookies” with Kang Daniel and Chae Soo Bin? I really wanted to see this one, and I’ll be upset if it’s not available here in the US.


Hopefully Disney+ will make Rookies available in the US/North America region and not just SEA. They had to have witnessed the huge impact of Squid Game and Hellbound for Netflix in North America indicating there is a market and demand for Korean content here. We will have to see. Personally, I think it will be a 50/50 chance since they did not offer Snowdrop to North America.


Disney+ did not much to take a stand against AAPI hatred in the United States in 2020. Their remake of Mulan was disturbing on so many levels.

Netflix has some issues, but that’s where I saw Jackie Chan in The Foreigner (gripping), Keanu Reeves in Man of Tai Chi (beautiful), and Andy Lau in Shaolin (transcendentally spiritual). And some very interesting K-dramas.

Sadly, I had to make a choice between Netflix and Viki in my budget, and Viki won.


Many holidays in many cultures require stretchy pants. Hope everyone has sufficient pairs ready!


My schedule over the past three years has evolved so that I do two things late at night after taking an evening nap: I watch Viki and clean house.

This I discovered recently, and it knocked me out because it was so cheap, simple, and useful.


This show is 100% subtitled, all episodes, but is looking for a Channel Manager. It also does not have the option to add to a watchlist, or a collection. :thinking:


maybe the CM isn’t active or has left Viki…


I hate sharing

I really hate sharing my boy!!! But here is Junho for Christmas!!! :christmas_tree:



Merry Christmas Fellow Segue Cafe patrons and owners! :evergreen_tree:

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AIGOO they’re so handsome!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: