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Immersive Media Art.

It’s so amazingly cool! :heart: It! :grinning:

:blush::blush::blush: I’d like to see a place like this everywhere! Inclusive of other artist’s work. :heart: it! :blush:


That is so cool!


Do you remember the singer Amerie? She has a book club. In this video below, which is less than five minutes long, they talk about South, and North Korea. Very Interesting. See screenshot for description. Singer Amerie was widely popular. You may have heard her song 1 Thing. Also included below. :grinning: :wink:

The longer discussion on the 1st short video above, this version is more detailed, and very informative! The length is 1:24:12, and covers how we see, and communicate with the world, based on perspective, and emotions, from our learning of languages.


This is soo cool!! Van Gogh is one of the greatest legendary artists ever :ocean: :sunflower: :framed_picture: :night_with_stars: :ear: :ear_of_rice:


Although repetitive and potentially confusing, the presub seems grammatically sound except possibly missing a comma after the first to do.
What it should have been from the presub and editing with similar wording:

How should I do a better job and attract more fans?

worthy romance changed to do a better job into produce a better job which makes it seem like the speaker is producing (i.e. creating) jobs. While the sub rightfully moved away from to do to do, a new confusion was introduced.

That edit should have been something like:
How should I produce better results and attract more fans?

That’s my suggestion, if one insists on using produce in that sentence. Should vs. shall should be looked at.

Everyone has room for improvement.

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I specifically didn’t get into the use of “produce” because that’s a matter of opinion. It’s also not grammatically incorrect but arguably not the best choice. But as for the original sub, it’s just very wordy, never mind the repetition - not ideal as a subtitle. As an editor, I wouldn’t leave it as is. Aside from proper grammar, subtitles should aim to be as concise as possible (while maintaining meaning) to make it as easy as possible for the reader to get the point in such a small time.

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Celebrating Women’s Month!
March 8, 2023 is Women’s Day!




Since I read now that you are also an EDITOR here at RViki, I would love it, love it, if you could satisfy my curiosity and EDIT both of these subtitles in question. There is a rule; fix them as you see it here below, and without watching or getting any information about the scene (that would be cheating since I can’t and won’t watch it since it won’t change my opinion). Also, and if you are up to the challenge, don’t add words, but you can take words out if you need to (so we don’t fall back into the repetitive mode).

worthyromance | Feb 14
“What shall I do to produce a better job and to attract more fans?”
Viki Staff | Feb 9
“What do I need to do to do a better job and attract more fans?”

TE | Feb 11

  • Send a rescue team.
  • Okay.
    viki | Feb 10
    -Tell them to send reinforcements.

One option for the first: “How can I do a better job and attract more fans?”

The second one literally depends on the scenario and context. Reinforcements and a rescue team are two different things. Without seeing what is happening or knowing the context, I cannot determine which is most appropriate for the situation. I have no idea where the sub comes from, so I cannot answer that.


There’s no Spanish in there, and I tried to detect what language is used on the video, and it says Telugu language.

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I’m thinking Italian now. It sounds like a Latin derived language, but perhaps I’m biased.

The rest of the song is Telugu.

The above quote reminds me to share a :jamaica: Jamaican folkslorist’s take on the expression of labeling languages that are, and are not, considered derived. Starts at marker 18:35.


No such thing. They can learn Italian and Spanish if they wanted to, but is very hard for them, and even English which I consider easy to learn, is hard to understand them when they talk in English. To this day, I haven’t met one person from India that I didn’t have a real hard time trying to understand what they’re saying bc of their heavy accent. I at one point thought it was Brazilian Portuguese but Google translate audio recognition took that theory down the drain. lol

at 23:00 She says someone called Jamaican corrupted English. Then she says maybe she should call English corrupted because it was derived from Norman French, Greek and Latin. Seems she was against calling languages corrupted (bastardized is a term that comes close). They mislabeled Jamaican because its roots have more languages than just English.

Meanwhile there is a linguistic term called Vulgar Latin Vulgar Latin | language | Britannica

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I found this word when I looked up the 4th official language in Switzerland which is Romansh in the Canton (State) of Grisons, so it’s considered a Vulgar Latin which is a very old form of Latin. I think most people don’t even know that there is such wording for it :grinning: The language must be a remnant from the Roman Empire that ruled in Europe.


The very thing! :blush: The exception is, it is commonly understood by the majority. By the way, how would you lable such bastardization? :smile::smile::smile:

A common example I often cite, is the Jamaican patois word Gweh!: Go Away! Which is similar in sound, and intent, and often heard, used, in Chinese dramas.
Simplified Han: 滚! Traditional Han: 滾!

:laughing::smile: Right?! :smile:

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This is happening :worried:

Clip posted 3/13/2023


Oh my! How terrible! Praying for everyone.


it’s again… that must feel so hopeless, like the recent snow. Global weather patterns are changing drastically, where it should snow it doesn’t but snows where it usually didn’t. These changes are already in place and are unstoppable it’s partially due to humans but it’s also a natural process, nothing remains constant with and without humans; we have just accelerated these changes also due to abuse of planet earth through depletion of natural sources and pollution.

Quo Vadis. - Each year will be more difficult, more disaster, more political and economical problems/differences. Ukraine isn’t making it better :frowning:

Be prepared to tighten another notch on your belt in regards of future.
No matter what, stay positive, happy and be hopeful, enjoy the little things each day. :bouquet: :butterfly: :coffee: :sparkling_heart: :pray:

@leerla73 the Weather Channel is interesting!