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I found this word when I looked up the 4th official language in Switzerland which is Romansh in the Canton (State) of Grisons, so it’s considered a Vulgar Latin which is a very old form of Latin. I think most people don’t even know that there is such wording for it :grinning: The language must be a remnant from the Roman Empire that ruled in Europe.


The very thing! :blush: The exception is, it is commonly understood by the majority. By the way, how would you lable such bastardization? :smile::smile::smile:

A common example I often cite, is the Jamaican patois word Gweh!: Go Away! Which is similar in sound, and intent, and often heard, used, in Chinese dramas.
Simplified Han: 滚! Traditional Han: 滾!

:laughing::smile: Right?! :smile:

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This is happening :worried:

Clip posted 3/13/2023


Oh my! How terrible! Praying for everyone.


it’s again… that must feel so hopeless, like the recent snow. Global weather patterns are changing drastically, where it should snow it doesn’t but snows where it usually didn’t. These changes are already in place and are unstoppable it’s partially due to humans but it’s also a natural process, nothing remains constant with and without humans; we have just accelerated these changes also due to abuse of planet earth through depletion of natural sources and pollution.

Quo Vadis. - Each year will be more difficult, more disaster, more political and economical problems/differences. Ukraine isn’t making it better :frowning:

Be prepared to tighten another notch on your belt in regards of future.
No matter what, stay positive, happy and be hopeful, enjoy the little things each day. :bouquet: :butterfly: :coffee: :sparkling_heart: :pray:

@leerla73 the Weather Channel is interesting!


Everyone else:
Leerla: Checkmate!

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Just stumbled over this happy news as I read about Lady Gaga’s song at the Oscars, and sorry wasn’t impressed, but the song that received Oscar was the “unknown to me” Naatu Naatu" from the movie RRR not sure where the movie fits in, there are many -wood styles, Bollywood, Sandelwood, Tollywood… :slight_smile:
I watched the trailer and I’d like to watch this movie, looks action packed too!

They showed the song including the dance at Oscars as well, and WOW what a power pack!! - So happy they won, and their movie became globally known.

The choreography is only for the stamina filled dancers and I admire those two handsome lead guys doing it… it’s a mix of the old style dancing not sure the time frame but like Fred Astaire something, Lindy hop and some Indian traditional movement… really perfect arrangement!!! (how long did they train?)

See for yourself! (anyone knows what Naatu Naatu means?)

This is from the movie:

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Tollywood. Was dubbed into Hindi, Malayalam, ■■■■■, and Kannada.

Seems to be dance, might come with some flavour. Natyam is dance for sure.
Better quality video. Starts at 05:04

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Wow! What a cool song and the choreography was amazing! So joyful and full of energy! Kudos to the stars of the film and all of the other dancers for their performances. I really liked how they adapted the original film choreography to the live stage at the Oscars. It was fun and lively. Definitely a breath of fresh air compared to the other song nominees that were rather somber, I felt. ( Although the pregnant Rhianna got a standing ovation from the crowd during the commercial break, according to news sources) I’m glad “Naatu Naatu” was the winner…

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My inner proofreader had to do something in order for me to watch one of Viki’s recent offerings without feeling antsy and anxious.

I feel so much better now . . .

(My tweak . . .)


That has been bothering me, too @entwyfhasbeenfound! I appreciate being able to see the title properly, lol. Thanks.

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I’m still looking for the league, much less the men, or man. I mean seriously. :expressionless:


I agree on that too!


It suddenly occurred to me… what if we’re wrong, and it really is just “A League of Nobleman” meaning just one man, in his own league. :joy:


Last night, I read a Soompi interview with the author of the story that Tencent’s League of Whoever is based on.

Apparently a lot of the “netizens” [first use according to Merriam-Webster: 1984] are all a-goggle [look it up, it’s a lovely English word] at the possibility of Chinese BL being a “thing” again.

The author of the story says basically, “Um, no. League of Whoever is a detective story, like the stories of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. Back in the day, government officials were men, and the government officials who conducted criminal investigations were men.”

Depending on which “Asianese” ethnic group is under consideration, it is so typical in some dramas (C-dramas especially) for characters to gender-bend like crazy. I think at one point in . . . Legend of Fu Yao, maybe? . . . Yang Mi disguised herself as a young nobleman of some sort, and nobody noticed. Part of the wuxia fantasy.

If an actor or actress is part of an ethnic group in which males do not grow a beard well, and women are slight of build, and both men and women wear flowing clothes, and both sexes have a tradition of learning some kind of killer martial art, then a particular C-drama, dorama, K-drama, T-drama, lakorn, or other kind of drama may have LOTS of gender-bending, cross-dressing, and whatnot, but people have to get a clue.

If the author of a story says, “I wrote this story, and it’s not what you think,” then as far as I’m concerned, her word is the last word.

Also, as far as I’m concerned, the only legitimate type of story/drama that can claim to be BL is one coming out of the Japanese tradition of manga and more complex graphic novels. That whole thing started in Japan, it’s been going on for a long time; it has very specific features.

I personally get annoyed when netizens squeal with delight at the possibility of some drama being BL . . . when they have no idea what that even means.

All right, then. Grumpy rant over.


BL, Japan’s modern literary and entertainment staple, could be said, in some fashion, to be rooted in the religious traditions of Shintoism.

I’m not a Shinto shrine maiden, nor do I play on a YouTube channel, but seriously, treating BL as if it is simply some kind of modern pornography to facilitate maximum genital stimulation in a minimum amount of time is, IMHO, to COMPLETELY misunderstand Japan, Shintoism, and even, to some extent, human sexual attraction.

But, as has always been the case, those who do not know history and who do not take that history seriously are always going treat it as a joke.