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I have been SAD all night about this - and I wrote a lot of things in the “Scandal” thread. I don’t expect anyone to be a god or goddess. I wasn’t even a HUGE fan of his but was becoming one. These accusations like you said “gaslighting” etc and we only hear her side - make him sound like a man of low character. I don’t know what happened - there is a he said and she said said. She could have threatened or tried to hurt his career on purpose - who knows! I just don’t think I can watch his projects anymore for now as I can’t unsee what was written about him (that might make me shallow I don’t know) - his apology just didn’t help the situation either. I know he is human and a person with what it looks like a completely different personality (I’m not saying good or bad) than what he shows in his “acting” for variety shows or in what he wants people to see. It is all just very SAD. I wish him well. I truly hope he can come back from this - he deserves to have a wonderful life past anything anyone believes or doesn’t believe about who he is.

One of my Taiwanese actors who I love - had a huge scandal - and he is gay. I don’t care - I follow him and he is a man it seems of such good moral fiber and loving and generous that I just love him.

This kept me up a little last night as I think my fantasy land Korean drama life bubble has burst. I realize that I can admire and love and follow and watch these guys but who are they really. They are human and going to make mistakes - It just goes into character for me!

I hope that we get to hear all sides of everyone’s story - I might need to step away from my fantasy bubble in dreamland and get back to reality myself. Aw I’m just a little heartbroken


@kdrama2020ali, check out the Viki page for 100 Days my Prince! I don’t know when it was posted but it looks like DO is going to be back for a second season! To air sometime in 2022! (If you already knew that, please disregard my exuberance and carry on.) :wink:

Here is the link to the page if anyone else is interested:



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Can I die now!!!

Feb 4th - 2022


Happy, happy, joy, joy!!!


I’ll have to re-watch season one to refresh my memory. LOL!


Additionally, here is a link to information about the older woman/younger man romance I mentioned a while back. It’s currently showing on NF. I thought it was pretty good but others have said meh to it.





I will not be around until Friday afternoon or evening! You guys have fun!!!


same here!


hmmm *I don’t think i have watched that one


hope alls well


All is well


Thanks for the info about the live singing on Encore stages.Much appreciated. For sure SM have the reputation for best vocals. And well deserved. It’s too bad that K pop groups can’t just do a more concert like performance for these shows and showcase their vocal talents, but theneed to be perfect and the need for dancing means they must rely on vocal aids, unfortunately. I read that Music Core banned all vocal aids most especially backing tracks in 2014. But Ithink the entertainment agencies fought it and the other music shows didn’t follw them with bans so I do not think it lasted long . I believe Music Core allowsall of those things now. After watching that video o YT about how the music shows manipulate and doctor the vocals -even when it is not needed, I just try to enjoy the dancing. Or the backstage hijnks in the case of Immortal Songs.


Those old Hollywood actors and actresses? Some of them were total wrecks yet they still carried on.
the difference nowadays is social media which can destroy someone’s reputation in an instant - truth or not. I think a lot of people don’t really care about actors real lives but there are enough who make it their business to pry into private lives to cater to those willing to buy their gossip. My opinion is all those gossipers need to get a real life - go break rocks if you have nothing better to do with your time.


I know this is inappropriately lighthearted given the conversation, but I love it when you tell people to go break rocks. I need to incorporate that into my lexicon.


Well, this one got hungry and drove ONE HUNDRED and TEN miles to get some Korean food at a place that just opened up in Idaho Falls last month. I found out about it yesterday. It was worth the drive! I got extras to eat later.

Bibimbap, Daeji bulgogi and kimchi rice! SO DELICIOUS! I am stuffed and have some for tomorrow! That kimchi rice was really good.

The Porky Korean

I love their name. :smirk: :laughing:


I’m happy it was delicious.

I’ve also experienced traveling to specific places for the food because it was recommended, but ended up disappointed :cry:. So it’s really satisfying when the food is actually good and it was a nice trip going there :smile:


Miss me yet??? :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:


The shrimp & grits was devine! Too much to eat


That looks so yummy!