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Who is going to make these for me? :wink: Yummmy!

It’s been too long!! Can’t wait.

Lesson learned!


This looks fabulous. I doubt I can find it in my tiny little town, though. :sob:


Amazon??? I can’t get flaming hot Fritos so I order them from Amazon!


Making This!!! It is really good!


Time to find a Belgian waffle chef :laughing:


You are making me want Stroopwafels! YUM!


For that you need a Dutch chef :wink:.

Now I want some good ones too :laughing:.
Not the supermarket ones, but a fresh one :yum:

Not going to go hunt for one though :sweat_smile: . Since the last 2 years I don’t know who is still around and who has closed down.


Watched the girl making them in Aruba and bought them - so yummy!!! I wish I could go down to the Aruba supermarket right now!!


YUM! I’ll be right over! :rofl:


Bring one of the Hotties from the Posse with You - or a couple it’s a big enough Wrap to share!


MMMMM … dinner date with the Hottie Posse … :drooling_face:




Hello MyungSoonie!


Dinner is READY - Who’s coming! :laughing:


Watched this video and thought it was interesting.
Do you guys drink coffee?

I only drink coffee occasionally (maybe 2 - 5 times a year?). More of a tea drinker, but also drink a lot less tea than I used to. I just drink water :sweat_smile:


I don’t but I know how to make French press for people if they want it! I’m pretty good barista!
I drink herbal tea.! And Cocoa


Yes, it is definitely possible. I’m really just a casual fan of K Pop music in general, so most of my exposure to the K Pop Groups is through variety shows and You Tube video interviews. So I usually will like the group personalities and interactions first. Frankly, I think a lot of people become fans of a group through watching them interact as personalities first and then seek out their music. To be honest, I like BTS the group, but I don’t really like BTS the music. For me, BTS are variety stars who sing on the side. I really like watching their variety content and their backstage videos, some of their VLives, all of their stuff for the various magazines YT channels, interviews, etc. I especially love to watch the BTS fan cam reaction videos. I think they really are the best in K Pop today when it comes to giving reactions. I can’t wait until COVID is over and we can see them again attending the American music shows. Unfortunately, I’m not really a fan of their music. I tried, I really tried, but I just can’t get into their stuff. I wishe each and every one of BTS all the best and luckily they do not need me to ensure their musical success.

Occasionally. Although I drink it with milk and sugar. Let’s just say I like a little coffee in my milk. (Which horrified my grandmother who drank hers black.) I try to drink hot tea if I want a hot drink because I prefer it plain, without sugar or milk, so I don’t have those extra calories.


I will have espresso drinks (i.e. lattes) a few times a year, but I have to drink decaf. Caffeinated coffee makes me ill.


We need Butter in the Cafe!!!

Who is that in the yellow SWEATER in the FRONT - I love him!!!

I have come to a conclusion after watching even YOUNG Korean guys dance - that they have some kind of REAL talent!!! Just built in somewhere! They move so fluid - and I can’t do that!!!


The guy in the front is Jungkook. Just saw that BTS and Butter have nominations for 2021 American Music Awards, including Artist of the Year. If they win Artist of the Year, it will be a huge deal. Competition looks pretty fierce. I guess we will see how powerful ARMY really is in getting the vote out. I think Taylor Swift fans have a pretty big reputation as well. Fun fact: BTS will be competing against one of their heroes: Drake.

Speaking of Award Shows, I saw the nominees for 2021 MAMA Awards are out as well. They have changed the rules for winning on most of the categories to eliminate fan voting component so it will be interesting to . see who the final winners will be. Although I’m not clear on the difference between digital performance, music video, and global music platforms. Best Male Artist should be exciting to watch this year since 3 members of EXO are nominated in that category.