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sure do, I occasionally add chocolate to mine for a boost, but I also drink tea as well

ok got my coffee heres something to go along with it


SAME. My coffee is barely brown when I fix it. :rofl:


Wow! What a gorgeous cookie platter! Although looking at it , I want to have a cup of hot cocoa to go with it instead of coffee. LOL!


Ditto for me! It would make a good pairing with those cookies. I’m inspired to replicate that cookie platter myself for the holidays. @frustratedwriter


Lots and lots of practice. Practically anyone could become decent dancers if they practiced as much, it’s their job, all they do all day, every day, for years, is sing and dance. Ok, some surely have innate skill, some have been practicing since they were very young and some look soo awkward if you watch early live performances.


I can dance - I am musical and have rhythm

But I have been watching some of the S Korean boys from a small age like 5 or 6 - they do REELS on INSTA and they are NIMBLE - crazy!!! Like moving things most can’t move.

They do practice a LOT and its CRAZY! I’d love to get some lessons from 2pm - ATEEZ - ASTRO - EXO


Sannie and Kai can teach me ANY DAY


Trained in BALLET he is CRAZY!!! But I swear they can move with such FLUID movements! More than what I’ve seen - CRAZY good.


Oops I put that in HOTTIE POSSE


I mean, not a bad place for it :rofl:

I could watch that video ALL DAY. There is something about a man who can dance that absolutely makes my toes curl. :drooling_face:


SAME - I so want to take lessons with a GORGEOUS instructor!!!
This will never happen but one can dream


Your Welcome!



It’s the fluid that most guy have to work on, but if they start when they’re little it makes a big difference. There’s also a shift in how dancing is viewed for men, men have typically portrayed strength and women the more delicate fluid type of dancing, but it’s becoming more ‘normal’ for men to have fluidity in their dance. The Idol dream is also more acceptable now than when we were young. If a young guy danced like some of the kids now dance they would have been bullied and called all sorts of names.


As I just said in the hottie posse, I think all Kai dance videos should come with a :fire::fire::fire: warning. Bring in the fire department! :fire_engine::fire_extinguisher:


I need an AMBULANCE!


I agree Kai is an incredible dance, I love him, but when I think fluid, I always think of Taemin


I am DEAD over here. But I died happy.


Do you have a favorite cookie? :blush:


oreos of course


So Minho was photographed in Korea Town - Near where someone I know lives - I told her she was breathing his AIR!

He is welcome to come eat with me!!!