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My mom makes the most delicious chocolate peanut butter cheesecake with oreo crust. I always ask for it on special occasions.


Oh gosh peanut butter and chocolate is my fave thing too! But I can’t make anything with PB bc they don’t like it.


My husband and son don’t like peanut butter either, so I never make it for myself.


I’m going back to the BEACH

Peanut butter pie is the best I make a yummy one!
And a Butter Finger Pie


No plans, I never go on vacations. If I did though, I’d visit S. Korea.


I am hoping to get a girl group to go next year! I hope I hope!

I wish we could ALL go together we would have so much FUN


Why is it that sometimes when I upload a GIF from the web, it makes it so you can just click the gif to get to the source but sometimes it doesn’t?


If it won’t let me have the gif I have to download it and reload it - size sometimes it doesn’t work.!


All the gifs I’ve ever used are loaded directly from the web, but sometimes they show up as ‘clickable’, so to speak, but other times they don’t. I was just curious why.


The hours of flying there is looong, maybe plan to break it up in parts where you can, and those you can’t, well. . .these guys used different airlines from east to west, & vice-versa. Check out their experiences.



You should try going to one; it doesn’t have to be far. It could be local stay at POCONO mountains or that new resort in New Jersey (is not that expensive). Hershey Park in Pennsylvania has many places that don’t have to be to the RIDES. They also have winery that are currently opened. They have theaters and BEST OF ALL outlets to shop until you drop. They have buses that take you there and drop you back into PENN STATION (not to your home).


Funny I don’t even care for it, last time I went to an amusement park was 2000/2001. I lived in Texas! :rofl:

I haven’t had any appetite for a specific travel spot.


I was very lucky to have friend in Tokyo but because of restrictions Japan has not been allowing in visitors so they will move before I can go. I wanted to visit Japan and Jeju and Seoul


Whatever you do; try not to go alone anywhere, any place bc is not safe in this times.


What about you @angelight313_168? Staying put until next year?


So far we are planning Hershey Park or Bush Gardens. I’m waiting on my oldest daughter who is making the plans and reservations since I want to avoid plane travel. I travelled on Amtrak to Florida and it wasn’t that bad so we are (she is) working on that.


Seriously - I really need to stop watching dramas that make me SAD

That is ALL


Which one is making you sad? lol

WATCH [My Runway] you gonna love it. I wished vampire guy was ML (LSH) in this drama. he would have been perfect for this role.


Spring is GREEN - It is actually VERY good!


I should make some tea - My German fruit tea is so GOOD