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I heard some parts are heart wrenching, but thankfully I didn’t get to see it bc I skipped it. I don’t like to see abusive scenes. If you see the one from SIWON with his abusive father; I actually sobbed for a long while, and I don’t need that in my life.


I wanna give the character a HUG and LOVE
the family is Disgusting to him

The show is good though I have hopes to see some JOY


Ok Cafe folks - I don’t drink coffee - And I’m not very good at making coffee in a machine. But I loved Coffee Prince because Drip Coffee is just SEXY. I make French Pressed Coffee pretty good! I would love to learn the ART of drip coffee!


I don’t drink coffee either, but you’re right about drip coffee! My hubby makes himself French press coffee.


My mommy heart really can’t handle abusive scenes either. :sob:


In - Love is Phantom - SEXY - Renn makes drip coffee at home, I could watch that all day! The show is in a hotel with a cafe also!


After watching someone pour hot water into the same spot of ground coffee beans for 4 minutes and 20 seconds, I seriously have to ask myself just what in the world did I expect to see? A small plant to magically sprout?


Ok - I’m really strange I find it sexy when a gorgeous man pours drip coffee (aka Coffee Prince) Renn in Love is Phantom…
I find men wearing gorgeous watches or bracelets Sexy
And a tall gorgeous man getting in like a low sports car - like a Porsche - Sexy
and if he’s wearing a watch even better…bahahahahaha!

@my_happy_place you have to bail me out here!


I’m here for you, my long-lost twin. I will wholeheartedly back you up on this one. And if a gorgeous k-actor is pouring water in a sensual way, in slow motion no less, it’s sexy, and also made all the better if a watch is involved.


He can make me Coffee any day! And I don’t even drink it!

Waffle Guy! Coffee Prince! Kim Jae Wook


1:55 min in Sixteen Candles - Who doesn’t love Jake! Sexy - Watch - Car! Whole package!
I know I’m completely nuts.


We know, but some of us are happily right alongside you. :crazy_face: :purple_heart::joy:


I just feel like I have to keep with the CAFE them!

I’ll be out for a while! You guys enjoy chatting and hanging out - I’ll catch up later this evening! :purple_heart:



Seems pretty quiet today, so I’m not sure you’ll miss much. Talk to you later!


I am the least bit surprised that you of all people find all you listed sexy. I would expect nothing less, but have you seen the content of that video on how to make hand drip coffee?

Expecting the grace and practiced art of a Japanese tea ceremony, I presumed that there was an art to making hand dripped coffee but upon viewing the video, it seems the art consist of:

  1. Pour hot water, wait a few seconds.
  2. Pour hot water, wait a few seconds.
  3. Pour hot water, wait a few seconds.
  4. Pour hot water, wait a few seconds.
  5. Pour hot water, wait a few seconds.
  6. Pour hot water, wait a few seconds.
  7. Pour hot water, wait a few seconds.
  8. Pour hot water, wait a few seconds.
  9. Pour hot water, wait a few seconds.
  10. Pour hot water, wait a few seconds.
  11. Pour hot water, wait a few seconds.
  12. Pour hot water, wait a few seconds.
    (yes, I counted them so you don’t have to)

It is very low instructional quality with very little production value. :star::star::star::eight_pointed_black_star::eight_pointed_black_star::eight_pointed_black_star::eight_pointed_black_star::eight_pointed_black_star::eight_pointed_black_star::eight_pointed_black_star:
Poorly presented, as it neither start with a tall, gorgeous man getting out of a low slung Porsche, to quickly glance at his gorgeous watch and hurry into the Segue Cafe to demonstrate the sensuous art of drip coffee making to you. :eyes: Oi! The coffee pot is down here!
Nor ends (if you have not spontaneously combusted by this stage) with you leaping over the counter like in a bar room brawl whilst emitting the arooga sounds of a 1920’s car horn, to drag poor Renn or a Coffee Prince behind the counter never to be seen again.

Now that kind of goings on would gain my patronage at this Segue Cafe :face_with_monocle:


If he happened to pull back his sleeve and slyly check his watch while pouring said hot water, this could become a reality.


The ground coffee looks pretty coarse and that’s quite American. Europeans grind coffee much finer, therefore needs also less coffee than the coarse one, plus it tastes also different. There is pro and contra whether to use a paper filter or not.


It was a POOR GIRL’s Way of explaining the love of Drip Coffee -

I just used that video to show that I love watching the art of dripped coffee. I could not find anything in Coffee Prince gifs and I could not find the Love is Phantom Gifs or I did not find a video where the gorgeous guy is making drip coffee! It was just a STAND IN

I told you it is hard to explain! Some people like chocolate ice cream some people like vanilla. I don’t drink coffee AT ALL but I find it sexy in drama when a gorgeous guy makes it.


I’m pretty sure there is a white beautiful shirt that Renn wears in Love Is Phantom where you might get a WHOOSH - when he is making drip Coffee!


I looked high and low for a sexy gif, too. I know I have seen some nice scenes in a kdrama or two, but I couldn’t find the hard evidence. :joy: