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I am a plus member. I have been so long that I cannot not recall if you can watch dramas on here without paying. I think you can but there are ads. I just don’t know if I want to pay $99.99 a year. I know that I would not be able to watch Kocowa dramas on here but subscription to Kocowa is less expensive. Any thoughts?


Well Kocowa offers only Korean dramas, the 3 content providers SBS, KBS and MBC have created Kocowa… it happened some time after DF dissolved. So it depends on what you like to watch. NF has also a wide selection they even finance many Korean project just as D+… it’s the Asian wave that everyone wants to profit of :slight_smile:


hurricanekat, I do pay the 99.00, I have gone to those “pirate links” , Netflix, Prime, etc, But Viki to me is the best, with the dramas and all, yeah I also compared with those other places, but Viki to me hands down the best. and the subs oh my goodness, Viki IS the best. yeah, a lot of us complain about the variety, or not enough this or that, but Viki is the best, um, guess I will get off my soap box now,


Yes, you can watch a portion of Viki’s library without having a paid subscription. I did it for a long time. However, the selection is relatively limited compared to the overall library, and I felt like less and less Kdramas were included in the “free” selections over time. It started to be dominated by Cdramas. Overall, though, I still think Viki is the best option out of all the sites that are getting in on the popularity of Asian dramas. They simply have the largest library at this point, by far. And I also appreciate the social aspects that Viki offers that the others do not - not just the discussion board here, but the ability to rate and review dramas, or have conversations in the comments sections, or adding/reading timed comments, and especially the ability to create my own collections so I can sort things just how I want to. It’s true that some of my faves are found elsewhere, and I am lucky enough to be able to have more than one service, but if push came to shove and I had to pick just one, I would pick Viki, at least for now while the other places are still playing catch-up.


yep, Viki hands down!! and when the subs come around, to me they do a better job than those other ones


ok we have talked seriousness, now time for snacks

Holly Jolly Kid’s Snack Board 🎅🏼…/holly-jolly-kids-snack-board/


I can see myself at least making the “Grinch” skewers with the grapes, bananas, strawberries, etc. Those are so cute!


ok heres the cakes



more cake, wheres the coffee??

and yes its a cake
Made by Sevdie Mehmed Aptula.



She And Her Perfect Husband C-drama. The celebrity news, seems very similar to the story’s development.


Just finished watching him


ready for cake??

lets have a snack first


well, we are close to the turkey day, how about left overs??

Thanksgiving Leftovers Sandwich Board 😋…/thanksgiving-leftovers…/


I’m ready for leftovers!


I shared this and got back :yum: Yum! Yummy!

This too! it got :yum: Delicious!


We don´t cellebrate Thanksgiving in Sweden but I wouldn´t mind if we did but this sunday is first of advent. And that is the time of saffron buns (we call them lussekatter and if you use a famus translatingdevice it might say that it´s cats and yes there is “cats” in the name but why there is i honestly dont know) and gingerbreads. It´s not as festive as Christmas but it´s the beging of it, we allso have the Lucia (13/12) celebration that´s is nice. I know it sounds like Sweden is a very Christan country but it isn´t realy but traditions live on as it gives an opertunety to gather friends and family.



Oh I love this!!!