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how’s this for a snack


they didn’t put a label on it


or is this one better

Here’s a smaller version!


I really don’t know about this one


I think this goes to all three
ome & garden.


I almost didn’t see the little ‘people’ in the watermelon shark. That’s morbid. As are the baby deviled eggs, although they are creative.


I also thought that, but I think they are baby chicks, they have beaks


Oh, I see them now. I was sure they were babies in their bassinets. :rofl:


@frustratedwriter, oh phew, I thought they were babies in bassinets too, it’s not so creepy now.


Oh my, the egg babies, cute and funny… must feel strange to eat this, the banana dolphins I’ve seen somewhere and the train is a great idea, and at the shark, I’m not sure I would want to reach my hand inside his jaw :rofl:


It´s so interessting to see that whilst you make candy and funny thing this was all saints weekend for me and a time to light candles graves of family and friends at the cemetery! Thi

I´m starting to lookforwards to christmas… I might not like it when the christmas stuff gets on the shelfs in september but now when it´s getting cold and dark is when I need it… :wink:


Nice, I’ll go on the 19th with my friend to light candles at the cemetery where my mom used to go. In past the candles were lit I think for 10 days now much shorter. It’s fun and somewhat food for the thought. The trays with 20 candles are pretty heavy though. It makes me very sad when putting a candle at a child’s grave :sob: :candle:


Children and young people that die is the sadest in my eyes… :heart:


here kitty here kitty!


ready for cake & coffee? or tea??



lets decorate our table

This Christmas mason jar centerpiece is lovely!!!

Found here (affiliate link):


Putting Up The Christmas Tree 🎄

heres another



I made today cranberries jam… they are quite expensive in Europe, but I have fond memories so I had to buy them, I love the tart taste!


I havent had cranberry jelly in a very long time, childhood memory there


Goodness! I was hoping that the Music Bank in Chile 2022 concert would be recorded and shown later on Viki as they have had other Music Bank concerts available to watch in the past. (Sadly, all have been removed now). I was quite shocked to see it cancelled due to bad weather. Kudos to those first groups for performing in the rainstorm. That was dedication-“The show must go on”, indeed. Looking at the fan video clips, it reminds me of the famous ABBA concert in Australia that was held during a thunderstorm. ABBA has said that concert was one of their most memorable in their career and one where they felt closest to fans, despite all the problems that occurred. I’m sure all who were there will never forget it, and that those who performed will possibly feel like ABBA.


more snacks

the cancellation, wonder if its due to that accident weeks ago? the mirrors and all


I just had to do this one!!


Santa Baby cupcakes for a baby shower. The baby is due on Christmas day. Edit***I know the faces aren’t perfect. Please if you have nothing nice to say, keep scrolling. This is supposed a kind group.


I love their little beanie hats and diapers. Precious.


so I am putting this on here cause I do want you to know


aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh the grinch!!


Finally, a snack that’s not too cute to eat. :laughing: