Sell Your Haunted House Premiere Reviews from the Beanies & the Pals

Kudos to the decent ratings on their premiere episodes! They even dethroned my fave Wed-Thurs drama, Mouse. :omg:

As for the reviews, missvictrix of Dramabeans, “enjoyed the premiere week of Sell Your Haunted House much more than she expected to, and that’s all thanks to our heroine HONG JI-AH” (played by Jang Na ra). You may check her whole article here at Dramabeans.

For Luna, “watching dramas with empowered, nonconforming female characters—more scenes of women putting arrogant men in their places” gave her excitement. (Source:

Their thoughts made me reconsider watching this plus it’s a romcom! My KDrama life (nowadays) is full of dark heroes, murders, mind-boggling theories etc etc.

Glad Jung Yong Hwa is back…I can’t remember his last drama haha

Catch it here on VIKI

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I just started watching this show last night! I love the actress from Fated to Love You and she is in a BAD@#$ character position in this one. The special effects are nice and of course I like the Con-man - Playboy - Bad Boy! I think I’m really going to like this drama!

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@kdrama2020ali I envy you huhuh I haven’t started it yet :cry:

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