Senior Quote Ideas?

Hi everyone!! I need help with finding quotes for my senior quote. I would love to see the quotes y’all would recommend.


You could look through the following threads: :smile: Personally, I can’t recall any at the moment. Hope you find some good ones!

From 18 Again, since that’s the latest memorable one I watched:

“No matter how hard life gets, never regret anything that made you smile.”

“Do not let people who do not know you get to you.” - Ye Ji Hoon’s brother

“If you are serious about your dream, no matter how hard it gets, I hope you will take good care of yourself.” - Jung Da Jung

“If you keep it in, the strong will get stronger and the weak will become weaker. When you need to fight, you should.” -Hong Dae Young

“No matter how old you get, there is always something new to learn. If you think of it as a regret, that is the end of it. But when you think of it as a lesson learned, it brings a new beginning. I will try to learn more from now on, whether it is about work, life, or love. So, I will try to find what I love to do again… I am going to spend my life without any regrets.” -Hong Dae Young

“There’s nothing to fear when we only live once. We have to be bold and do whatever we want to do in life.” -Hong Dae Young


A senior quote could be " No matter what anyone says, you are the most precious person in your life." (From My ID is Gangnam Beauty). Or " The scars you get from other people can only be healed by people." ( Also from My ID is Gangnam Beauty).



“Make the second thing you like most as your job and leave the thing you like most as your hobby.” – The Dad from Healer (K-drama).

People always asked me why I decided to go into medicine rather than art because I love painting so much. I never want my biggest passion to become work, and I feel like this quote encapsulates my opinions perfectly. It’s also VERY sound advice haha


This is one of my favorite drama quotes ever…it really made me think!



Let me tell you why I like this quote so much in the workplace, in school, in every day life task, you will find racist ppl that won’t like you just bc…your race, your skin color, your looks, just bc there are ppl like that out there in the world. This quote encourages us that NO ONE can step all over us,and make us feel inferior unless we let them. We have the power to stop this by stopping this kind of injustices.

I worked in a bank and the manager was strangely enough a RACIST italian (one of my best friend for 20 years is Italian). This woman made my life at the job a living hell, and I remember this quote over and over again, until one day I was able to do something about it.

The Vice president came over one day, and I asked to speak to him, and I explained what she was doing to me (He’s ITALIAN) I took a chance and won. He saw her all day long screaming at me, giving me extra work to do, and by the afternoon, he exploded. He called her into the office, and screamed at her to the top of his lung, made her write an apology letter to me, and suspended her without pay for 3 days. He treated the rest of us to a delicious meal in the conference room, and promise to keep an eye on staff like her from then on.

That quote gave me the strength to ask to speak to the vice president, and that quote gave me the justice not only I, but every human being deserves.


I am so sorry that you had to experience that in the workplace and I am glad it worked out. I like that quote by Eleanor Roosevelt too , another quote by Eleanor Roosevelt:
“Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart.”