Some "Drama-quotes"

Hello everyone! I’m here again making random questions just to have the chance to know a little bit more about you guys!.. So! the thing I would like us to share is which quote you like the most or was the more meaningful for you. Don’t forget to mention the drama!
For me it was… “Don’t try to blame the pain on anyone… blaming others won’t erase the pain” - Hyde, Jekyll, Me.

Thanks for sharing! =)

Nice thread ! :slight_smile:
here are three

“She likes him not because of who he is. It’s because when she is with him, she can be herself” - Murphy’s Law of Love

“Love can be mischievous and it always makes someone who doesn’t believe in love, feel much stronger” - My Love From The Star

“At times the most cruel people can wear the face of an angel” - I Remember You

I might come back for more later :smiley:


Very good ones!
I think I’ve heard all of them except for Murphy’s Law of love quote!

Thanks for sharing! :smile: