Seo Bok! Seo Bok is finally here!

Seo Bok! Seo Bok! Seo Bok! is finally here!

I have been waiting so long for this movie! It is FINALLY HERE! YEA!


Movie link


I watched it last night. It’s really entertaining. That Grandpa kept reminding me of a character from a Bollywood movie, Kapoor & Sons.
This movie would really make anyone question their life and their purpose on earth. I also loved all the special effects.

If there’s Jo Woo Jin, there will be ‘happiness’ :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Hahahha, i need to watch, it was highly anticipated and there were many articles about it being released on viki from today


It isn’t here for users in the United Kingdom. We can’t access it. We get the dreaded ‘sorry this is not available in your region’ message :frowning_face: I wouldn’t mind so much if Viki hadn’t sent me an email saying this was available.

So it begs the question why am I getting emails in relation to content that is not available in the United Kingdom?

The most likely place that it would be available in my neck of the woods would be Amazon, so I shall have to give them a try.


It is available for me in the Netherlands. I thought licenses are given for an entire continent. Does that mean the UK is considered separately from Europe or even in the same continent some countries get the license and other countries don’t? :thinking:

I already saw the movie elsewhere on a site that no longer seems to exist. It’s a really good movie. It’s just a bit disappointing that on Viki only English subtitles are available. It doesn’t seem very Viki-like.


This could be the case. Most shows on Viki are not licensed for their country of origin too. Many shows are not available in SK, Japan, Mainland China, Macau, Taiwan, HK, and more.

Sometimes licensing is confusing. Users from US need to rent the movie, but I can watch the movie for free in India.


That’s true! And many movies are not licensed in India and i can watch them for free on viki because I’m a Qc volunteer

Seobok is not licensed, just checked it by logging out of my account.

And many hundreds of shows are available to qcs irrespective of their region


Haha. I forgot to add that the ‘free’ was because of my QC benefit hihi :joy:


Hi @oriya
I think your confusion there is caused by the fact that Viki uses the term region when talking about content licenses when they should really use the term ‘country’ or ‘jurisdiction’. This is something that viki needs to stop doing as it makes it more difficult for people to understand content licensing when understanding it is difficult enough as it is.

As @shraddhasingh has alluded to content licenses are rarely granted on a continental basis for a whole host of different reasons, including but not limited to the differences in copyright legislation in different countries. For example in terms of UK copyright legislation. There are both civil and criminal offences. There’s also things like ‘crown copyright’ and the fact that certain content such as news clips are given a far lower degree of copyright protection in comparison to other content.

Who holds the licence for a particular piece of content in a given country will often differ depending on whether the content was created in the country in question or not. For example most BBC content is on BBC iPlayer and Britbox (Britbox is owned by BBC and ITV) in the UK , whereas in other parts of the world you will find it on a whole host of different services

From a geographical perspective, the UK is considered to be inside the continent of Europe on its northern edge. Although the UK is no longer in the European Union. But the European continent and the European Union are two different things. Many of the countries in Europe are not in European Union


I can confirm that it’s NOT available here in Europe. I suggest using a VPN… Speaking of… Would it be OK if I started a VPN topic? What is it? How do you use it? Which one is the best? You know, stuff like that.


I’m Dutch as well, but it isn’t available for me :pleading_face:


Volgens mij is het in Europa enkel te zien voor de mensen die qc zijn.

( I think only people who are qc can watch it in Europe)


uh I am a gold QC and I had to pay for it. So that QC benefit does not apply to the PayPerView shows on Viki. (At least for US viewers) It may be a licensing issue - the US is considered rich even though not all citizens here are rich. :rofl: So, we have to pay for everything. So all you guys wanting to use VPN to get a US region will have to pay in US dollars.

And… Viki may just be charging US viewers on account of ‘why not’. (Testing marketability?)

It took Viki so long to get it so I am glad it’s here. I could not find it anywhere online for US region. I would have paid $10 to see it in a theater so $2.99 is a deal for me. AND I can put my feet up and be comfy while watching it. :sunglasses:
I was busy all day so I was going to watch it tonight but I am hosting a watch party so maybe I’Il watch it after 11 pm…

The sad thing is I’d like to see it as a Watch Party - so why can’t Viki make these Pay per views watch-party-able too?