Serbo-croatian language, deleted

Hi guys!!
I promised the team and the supporters that I would say these things, here too.
First, Serbo-Croatian was an artificial mixture between two languages, used from after second World War up until 1990, serving mainly to unite several nations under one union called Yugoslavia.but it is no longer an official language in any state, we know that. Our team/(ppl that like dramas and etc… and we hang out on other int. sites and here for most of the time), for translating, constitutes of people from different Balkan countries, so it was agreement to translate to serbo-croatian which everybody understands,rather than to translate on each language separately.This way, by choosing to focus on one language, we are saving the effort and our time…and considering our past this is the simplest way to explain how things are xD… And when we have time or we make it, right after the episode, some of them translate to serbian - cyrillic,or croatian if some ppl ask for it… if that option is not taken already… and if only one person is translating they do it on their language, ofcourse, if they have mod or permission… we never do a copy/pase thing, bc, in the end, we are talking about two different languages…and one more thing, we do serbo-croatian for onlive dramas, and if an old drama isn’t translated to any other Balkan language… but It was a team (serbo-croatia) with great potential - but if we now have to work each in a different language (as we are from different Balkan states), a lot less subs will be done all together - not because we can’t or don’t want to work together, but because of the regional differences in the languages this very bad decision has condemned us to. Instead of bringing us together, this is bringing us apart.
The guys on the team are very disappointed, but Viki already know that.
Viki actually deleted the one of the best subtitles in all the Balkan languages that were done at least in the past couple of years. And those were the subs that the most (or shall we say all) people in the Balkans use (and not only in the Balkans, because many of our countries’ people live abroad). What Viki did was very strange and it beats logic (especially not even checking the quality of the subs), and we really cannot fathom why or how you made this decision. Who had a problem with Serbo-Croatian? It was just plain wrong. Viki tried to fix something that wasn’t broken and Viki DIDN’T DO WELL.
We want serbo-croatian language back on the dramas that we already translated, and that we are in middle of translating, bc we know we can’t do anything more at this point, we just want our projects that we started to finish it, and dramas that are aleady translated to be back online. Just imagine how we feel, our time that we spend on Viki, and we gain nothing now. We will continue our separated ways from now, but we need and want our translation back ( we are talking about 40 and more dramas). And for the end of this long post (sorry guys) we are really disappointed bc Viki didn’t contact any of us and warned about this problem/thing or whatever U want to call it.
My last Q for Viki Community- What do U think we should do now? And what are our options?
Thanks in advance…you’re sad Viki memeber chingu :frowning: :’(


That is odd. Specially when in viki blog they are talking about Launching Endangered and Emerging Languages Program, you would think they wouldn’t be deleting a language!
As you say, though an artificial mixture of languages, it is used and it is part of history and culture. But in the same respect, it’s like if they decided to delete Esperanto, no nation speaks it but it was created and people do use it and study it.
And also quite a bit disrespectful for those who have worked so hard doing subs. Whatever reason they had if they didn’t want more subs created for serbo-croatian maybe they could have blocked doing more subs but without deleting the existent subs.

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Of course you would get angry, and if Viki is offering Klingon and LOLspeach than you would think a language like Serbo-Croatian would be respected all the more.
The only thing, that I would conclude since there was an incident about Alemmanic subs. As you might know, it’s more of a dialect, rather than a language and it is mostly used in certain regions of Germany, France, Switzerland …
But subbers here did not sub into Alemannic but just “created” German subtitles (most copied). I don’t know, if that made Viki “clean up” some of the languages or if there are other reasons.
I hope the subs didn’t get lost and can be restored.
I would try to contact one of the moderators here, f.e. Mariko
Good luck


If somebody lacks the necessary imagination, let me explain EXACTLY how I feel.

I worked on those subs, I was proud of those subs, and then they were taken from me without asking. Simple as that.

And now I don’t have all that much will to translate further on Viki.

I’m sorry to complain, but that’s just how I feel.

No matter the fact that Serbo-Croatian is not used in any country officially, it is a joint form of a language best suited for 3 different nations: Bosnian-Herzeg people, Croatians and Serbians. We are as a community too small to really cover that many dramas in each individual language. Serbo-Croatian seemed an excellent concept to sub much more easily in a team.

I would recommend Viki to at least transfer the subs to one of the sibling languages. It would be good to contact relevant moderators for this language for each individual drama with at least 50% translation completed, and ask them which language they would prefer the subs to be transferred to.


Thank you @solunda and @lutra, we concated Viki, and we are hoping for the best.
@bozoli helllooo chingu, and I know how mad U are too!! we hope, we could restore projects that we worked on for now, and see what we can do later. as I said hoping for the best.
p.s. It’s ok… just some eps were left and look what happened :frowning:


Wow how terrible for the Serbo- Croatian subbers that this happened I hope it’s just a bug or something since they worked on the tools the past few days. I also know of the Alemmanic incident but last time I checked serbo-croatian with Serbian and Croatian to see the difference I saw an other writing system was used… right?

Next to those there is also something going on with the Japanese subs, not that the whole language is removed but sometimes content owners request it to be blocked when the subs are done/ in progress.

I hope all your hard work won’t be lost, it will still be counted to your sub count, as far as I know, but when nobody can see them it’s a waste too.

@Dudie we hope it’s a bug or something, and that Viki will try to fix it, but for now, we don’t have any answers about our problem. Yes, it’s a waste, not only for us as a team, but for our Balkan community.
Thank you for U’re post :slight_smile: we hope someone will try to help us and Viki will fix it.
p.s. It’s a different,as I said, when we do a translation on serbian it’s cyrilli, croatian it’s a latin, and that’s not the only different thing.

I am very sad to hear that this is happening to the Serbo-Croatian team and I completely understand your consternation to what Viki has done.

Our Romanian Team has been through something similar. In both Romania and Moldova, we speak Romanian, think British versus American English, just a slight difference in some words and maybe the accent. But then Moldova made Moldovan an official language, so now on Viki there are 2 official languages and the same translation… resulting in many headaches and a few translations copied.

Serbo-Croatian was and, as far as I know, is an official language in Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and Croatia. Of course this is by different names. But I don’t see English being referred to as American English, Australian English or British English. It’s plain and simple English, for all.

To put it far simpler, so that Viki understands… what’s the point in having on your server 5 or more languages with the same translation, when one can do the job faster and better and can bring more viewers? Think money, Viki.

And I repeat, since English can represent all the nations that speak it under different forms… I guess you all can do that for Serbo-Croatian, right?


I know! That’s the worst part - I was only two episodes away from completing that drama, I took a little break and bam! no more subs! :crying_cat_face:

Wae, Viki, Waeeeeee…?!

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