Series to Follow Once Agai?

Is “Homemade Love Story / [Oh! Samkwang Villa” going to replace Once Again on Viki and Kocowa? The series sadly is coming to an end and nothing is showing up as a replacement so far.

Yes, it seems that Homemade Love Story will replace Once Again on the same day and time slot on Korean TV.
But this doesn’t mean that Viki will necessarily get it.

Yes, thanks. But I was hoping someone would know whether Viki and Kocowa were picking it up since it is KBS–but KBS2–production.:slightly_smiling_face:

Since you’re talking about the new weekend drama I thought I would post the teaser trailer for “Homemade Love Story”.

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Also, “Once Again” aired on KBS2 and from the searching I’ve done, all weekend dramas broadcast on KBS2. Scroll down the list for KBS2 Saturday-Sunday dramas.

Just FYI
The production companies for “Once Again” were Studio Dragon and Bon Factory Worldwide

“Homemade Love Story” (aka Love Blooming House, Oh! Samgwang Villa) production companies are Monster Union and Production H.