Service downtime Oh No!


Viki removed the tech support category a few years ago. But I still wanted to give folks a heads-up. Now don’t go flooding Viki’s inbox with “Why is this happening to me?!” emails. By the time they reply, this issue will have hopefully been sorted out. :sweat_smile:


You mean this?
Where did you get this information?
All we got is the maintenance information, when the system will be down for a scheduled half an hour.


But the dates don’t quite match. Also, I received this when I opened the Viki android app. This was for us viewers.

I think it’s part of a bigger maintenance work that’s going to affect everyone.


Fortunately, editor will not get affected much I think, they only told it won’t be available for half an hour.


Oh, then I guess they will work on several aspects, we will see how it will work out.



I fear a lot of people are going to freak out over this… But Yeah, will see…


yes a few people always will. But maintenance is part and parcel of any service, but at least this is scheduled downtime. What no one wants is something that is unscheduled and unexpected

Perhaps they finally found the gremlin that makes the continue watching feature play up every couple of months. I hope so :grinning: