[Viki Community] November Updates - Fall Subathon 2021 *Updated 11/17



When: Nov. 16th 00:00 - Dec. 1st 23:59 PST (Convert to your local time zone here)

How to get the badges: Contribute 500, 1000, 5000, or 10000 subtitles and/or segments to any shows, to qualify for the corresponding cozy red panda badge!

Special badges: Top 100 badges will be awarded to the overall top contributors.

Ready to join? RSVP now! Note that signing up is not necessary, but lets us better understand how many of you are interested in participating!

Read more details at the FAQ page here.

[Viki Community] Scheduled Maintenance on Nov 21, 2021 23:15 hrs - Nov 22, 2021 00:15 hrs PST

@shraddhasingh yayyyyy it’s here!! :heart_eyes::partying_face::partying_face:

I will go into my corner and cry because they decided to host the Subathon just as my exams were about to start :sob::sob:


Viki… Thank you. The Project Manager behind it, thank you. The people who worked on the badges, thank you. The people who’ll keep eyes on abusers, thank you. The people who’ll monitor subtitle editor and segment timer don’t run into problems during the subathon, thank you.

Thanks for the tag, a really nice surprise for a “good” morning! I feel bad for you, but sneaking into the subtitle editor won’t be a bad thing :wink:

We’ve got a mission!


I am also away at this time y.y


I just woke up now and saw thissssss!!!


Here are the full details and your are a gold qc, check your mailbox , there’s a newsletter regarding this.


It’s really not the best time of the year for some, Thanksgiving and else… why not when we begged in summer for example? :disappointed_relieved: I only wonder? :zipper_mouth_face: - It doesn’t mean I’m not happy that Viki is finally offering one, lol :sunglasses::rofl:


I know :frowning: Summer would’ve been better.

Still, I’m happy that they are still organising one this year.


Yay, my first subathon, any advice for a rookie? :smiley:


Mine too,
Do as much as you can,
There are badges mentioned above, if you reach those milestones, after the subathon ends you will get those badges.

  1. (I recommend to) Register via link and make a screenshot of confirmation,
  2. Do you know how much you want to sub?
  3. Do you have projects available, if not search now (it’s sometime a race :joy:)
  4. Although you wish to acquire a certain amount of subs or segs, make them with a good quality,
    so they will need little edits.
  5. You could also make your own list of before and after of your projects subbed/segged to see your quantity or just make a screenshot of your total counts on your profile, see starting time and zone when taking
  6. Have FUN!! :blush::star_struck:


Is registering a mandatory?
I thought it’s optional!


Thank you for your advice. I will definitely follow them. I also wish and all other subbers to have a grat time :partying_face:


Last time I believe it was, so they could make the count… this time they say it isn’t… as there are always glitches, I will register :wink:


Actually I did it already, but my teammates are not aware of it, I should now inform them.
They don’t use this forum.


Yes, spread the word, but I think I got an email “QC Newsletter”, but if they did not check the notification in their settings under profile, they have not received it likely…


Yes, probably, I will pm them.


Thanks for this info!!


So i can subtitle any show, or movie. But it need to be a lot, to win, Am i got it right?


What are you trying to achieve? 500, 1000, 5000 and 10.000 subs or segs or mixed, you will get a badge accordingly there is no win, but the top 100 contributors with the most subs/segs will get a special badge… there is really no win or loose only “qualify”. See picture :wink: