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You’re right, now everything takes longer. Anyway, during this quarantine I’m cooking too! I mean, I learned to do things I’ve never done before… For instance, I cooked every type of cake :cake: (apple pie, chocolate cake and lemon cake) and every saturday I prepare the pizza :pizza:(it’s like a sort of tradition, or rather a habit, to eat the pizza every saturday).Anyway, thanks for sharing all of this as always ^-^ I understand your concern for your mother, but don’t worry! I’m sure that by being careful you will be fine :wink: :heavy_heart_exclamation:
Have a nice meal and stay health too dear!


I’m so sorry. It’s not strange that you cried, though. You may not have known him, but you knew his son/daughter and care about him/her. So this just shows that you are a kind and loving person.


You’re not alone, I think every death whether you know that person or not is incredibly sad, because it’s someone’s loss, someone who was close to someone. I too tend to cry and can’t explain. Maybe even now more since I lost my mom 4 months ago. - Some folks are more emotional than others, but as we know tears also are a healing things, better to cry than bottle up. I think it helps to release tension or a sad feeling. :hugs:


I’m so sorry for your loss. I lost my parents too, my mom late 2017 and my dad early 2018.
I agree with you it’s good to get those feelings out. Otherwise they might come back tenfold when you least expect it …


Very sorry too @mirjam_465 :two_hearts: Loosing parents is very painful in particular when you had a strong relationship with them and/or are the only child and have no siblings. - Life goes on, treasure happy memories, they might be your guardian angels :wink: My dad left in 2017. I was fortunate to take care of my mom during 3 weeks at my home, although it was very painful to watch a human being to deteriorate, she died in comfort in my arms. Stay strong :hugs:


Thank you dear :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Hi dear :heavy_heart_exclamation: I’m so sorry for your loss…
I have to be honest, I tend to be really sensible but crying,like you said, it helps me sometimes.


Sometimes there is something new like this song, it’s a few years old now it got a more chilly note. it’s called - Ich bleib zuhause - I stay at home - which we all know is the topic of our time.
The song is about staying at home, not getting up, not doing anything, because there is no reason to and everything you need is there, you only get up to open and close the fridge, nothing more, making phone calls, no no, just turn around in bed one more time and relax … Just sleep and oversleep the so called perfect moment.

There are two more videos of this song, whatever you prefer … The last one is something for cat and dog lovers. Too cute!


Geiles Lied. :sunglasses:


The perfect moment… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:I melt then…
This video is like that, sugar :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


@dramalover_742 There it was again the Italian moment at the radio.

How is Italy doing, I am not watching TV much lately and reduced my reading information, but it appears to me in the news it’s always “America first”, when I would rather hear something from Italy. How are you doing?


I’ve to be honest, I don’t like Gianna Nannini that much but I’m so happy that someone who comes from another country loves Italy and hears our songs ^-^ Anyway, thanks for your interest :heart: It’s very nice of you asking me how are we.
I’ll share an article regarding the situation of my country:

***Italy will allow factories and building sites to re-open from May 4 before allowing more businesses to open in following weeks as it prepares a staged end to Europe’s longest coronavirus lockdown, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said on Sunday.

More than two months after the first case of COVID-19 appeared in a small town outside Milan and following weeks of lockdown, Italy is looking ahead to a second phase of the crisis in which it will attempt to restart the economy without triggering a second wave of the disease.

“We expect a very complex challenge,” Conte said as he outlined the roadmap to restarting activities put into hibernation since early March. “We will live with the virus and we will have to adopt every precaution possible.”

Manufacturers, construction companies and some wholesalers will be allowed to re-open from May 4, followed by retailers two weeks later, while restaurants and bars will be allowed to re-open fully from the beginning of June although takeaway business will be possible earlier.***

Personally, I have been home for more than two months now but at least yesterday I had a joy: I was able to eat a takeaway pizza! I ate pizzas prepared by myself, but for months now I had not eaten one made in a pizzeria. It may seem like nonsense, but for me it was important because I was able to see a semblance of normality in a simple gesture such as ordering a pizza (I used to do it once a week). And you instead? How are you? Tell me how it goes in your country too, I would like to know how are you doing :two_hearts:


Thanks for sharing my dear, as always ^-^ I’m really happy that I could understand the titles of these songs! I’m making progress :joy: :heart: One day I hope I will be able to understand their lyrics too :wink:


Did you ever look up Deutsche Welle?

Me I had a side effect of staying indoors for too long. My body rang the alarm with a high heartbeat rate and only with active walking not really sport only slight walking every two hours in my yard every two hours with 7 hrs of sleep in between … After 2 days I was back from 160 pulse per minute to 70. I was neither feeling bad or nervous or anything else, no panic either I just hoped I could do without medics and fortunately I am okay now.
Daily life change again because in Germany we need to use a mask now for the public transportation (next week our buses will go back to the normal schedule), in shops and outside shops, if you are waiting in line. I will just put in what changed the past two weeks.
We in Germany didn’t have a complete lock-down. So at most places construction work wasn’t halted. Craftsmen were able to work. Restaurants could do deliveries or take-out business. Since last week ice-cafés could open again for take away. Shops could open again if they were below 800 m². So now comes the tricky thing with federal states. In my state Rhineland-Palatinate bigger shops were allowed to open, if they reduced their sales area. In the state Baden-Wuerttemberg it wasn’t allowed went to court and the business got told yes it shouldn’t be disallowed, so bigger shops can open with reduced sales area. And my favorite household supply store is finally re-opened again. I have not been there yet, maybe on Saturdays. Usually I would avoid going to the city but it’s the only time I can get organic vegetables from my favorite stall at the market. Usually they would come on Tuesday, but they only get one delivery in the week now and the bigger market is on Saturday, so there I am. School started for some, but not all.
About the next steps they will talk again on May 6th and it depends on the numbers of infections.
I understand your wish about Pizza - I miss a certain Pizza only one Pizzeria in my town made a Pizza Piadina and they retired … So once in a while I really grave that Pizza, but what can I do, I know I will never get close to the original.
I try to do a lot of gardening I need to bring out the basil seed, yesterday I put some flower seeds in the pot next to my front door.
Did I mention that I sewed my 2nd mask today, as I say it is not pretty but rare …
And today I was shopping at the discounter 400 meters from my house, I am lucky I can walk the distance, the best thing was I really got everything on my list. That was a first in a while. Panic buyers must have stopped the shelves are full of cans, noodles, flour and toilet paper. The only thing missing is yeast, didn’t get delivered.
I still have some left, no fresh one but well …
Happy “Festa del lavoro” in Germany it is the first one after the 2nd World War without any demonstration.
I guess every nation hopes that we will safely get into some phase of “new normal life”.

I don’t know if I posted this song before, it’s from the band Silbermond - Machen wir das Beste draus / We make the best out of it, the video was made by people they knew, make clips from the area they live and document how times are right now.

From my window I see the March pass through ghost streets.
What should we do? The spring has to bloom without us.
And I am just thinking about last year.
You and I on the bench in the park we were cold the kiss was warm.
Even though all around us everything is shaking and distance is needed.
We move our hearts together, we are making the best of it.
A thank you to all who toil against death.
And I am missing my friends, I am sending you all my love through the phone.
Even though all around us everything is shaking and distance is needed.
We move our hearts together, we are making the best of it.
Even though time is challenging us right now, there is hope as well.
That the day will come when all this is over and the world opens again.
And we all are seeing each other again.
And we all are seeing each other again.
Even though all around us everything is shaking and the world wheezes.
We move our hearts together, we are making the best of it.
Even though all around us everything is shaking and distance is needed.
We move our hearts together, we are making the best of it.
We are making the best of it.

I hope, I got the text right. I only got time to write it down with no proof reading LOL so I hope it is okay. I wanted you to understand the lyrics.

So in this sense - let’s make the best of it!


Hiii dear ^-^ Sorry if I answer only now but I didn’t read this message until now. Regarding “Deutsches Lernen” I’ve seen some videos of Nicos Weg and I think that it could be really useful :heartbeat: Regarding the song you shared,thank you :revolving_hearts: It’s really beautiful and touching, I almost cried listening to it. Fortunately the situation here is better (at least we can go out even if carefully). In these days I was able to see my friends too! I was so happy, even if I couldn’t hug them. And you?How are you? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Just got home. I am doing okay, I am still restricting my contacts, because of my mom. My uncle recovered (he lives in another region) from his infection so now we are more at ease but still careful.


Its in broken English, a little bit Norwegian with some Korean.:joy:

These are both about cross skiing in a type of way. I found them both hilarious.


I’m really glad to hear it ^-^ I hope this situation could end as soon as possible. Have a nice day :heart::heart:


Omg love it! I’m laughing so hard right now because if the first video :joy::joy: The second one made me smile and in a situation like this is really wonderful :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:Thanks for sharing :two_hearts:


I’m happy that I made you smile:grinning:

Music you are listening to in any language (Except English 😂)