Share something (songs,film...) on your language! 🥰

Hi everyone :heavy_heart_exclamation: I decided to create a new topic because I thought it would be really beautiful to share something in our language. Why? In this way, who is learning a new language can improve in a funny and interesting way, while who is not can simply learn something about others culture. You can share everything you want: a song, a film or teasers/trailers of something, youtuber’s videos (like recipes, tours, typical choreographies or dances…) What do you think about it?
Thanks in advance to those who will share something here :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
P.S. : If possible, try to choose videos with English subtitles in order to make more people understand it :revolving_hearts:


I’ll start with a very beautiful italian song :it:. It is called “L’amore esiste” (“Love exists” in English) and is sung by the beautiful Francesca Michielin. I’ll share different videos of this song (you’ll soon understand why).

What do you think about this song? I really love it and I think that Francesca Michielin has such a strong and sweet voice which suits it. :sparkling_heart:


I am blown away by both versions! I’ve never heard an Italian song before, and I think that this is a great introduction! :smiley: The dance was so mesmerizing as well. As for the lyrics, they are so powerful. Love in all its forms is rather an amazing thing that doesn’t really make sense. Plus, the energy in the song just adds to the meaning of the lyrics.
Thank you so much for sharing!

Here are two versions of an Armenian song Անցա Գնացի (Anca Gnaci, in English I Saw and I Went). I couldn’t really choose what style Armenian song to share since I don’t have a preference and I like listening to traditional and modern, so I will put a little of both. I really like this song, it’s about a flower that goes on a journey to see what life is, and in the process sees good and bad, and focuses on the beautiful. In the end, the flower dies, but the song still shows that whenever we despair of the bad in life, there is always good to delight in.

As for the English lyrics, I couldn’t find an official version of them, but in the comment section of the first video, a kind person translated the lyrics (I don’t know if I’m allowed to copy/paste the comment, so I’m not going to risk it).

And this is an unrelated song, but it’s Armenian, too. I couldn’t find the English lyrics, but if anyone is really interested, I could translate it with my mom’s help.


Firstly - I love this idea! I’ve been looking for something like this! :heart_eyes: Okay, so as a Finnish person there would be so many favourite songs and films to share, but as I have a love for melancholic fantasy and folklore, my suggestions will probably center around that.

Favourite Finnish Movie: Jadesoturi / Jade Warrior (2006)
It’s a Finnish-Chinese collaboration set both thousands of years ago in China and in early 2000’s Finland, where the main character has been reborn as Kai, a lovelorn blacksmith, who suddenly has to encounter his fate. It has elements from classic Wu Xia-tales and Kalevala - the Finnish national epic, so knowing the book helps understand it better. The soundtrack with Kimmo Pohjonen is beyond amazing.

Next up some song recs:

There are so many genres and great artists to cover, so please dm if you’re interested in Finnish music! I didn’t include that many pop artists, metal / rock bands or classical musicians, so I’ve got loads more of those!


Nice idea!
I am from Germany one of our most successful rock bands is called Silbermond (= Silver Moon)
I found this video with lyrics

The original video

Since there are many Germans around, I will just add this one, there are so many songs that I would like to share with you, but I want to give others a chance too.

Hope you will like it.

Btw I will listen to your suggestions later, I have many memories of Italian songs since in my childhood Italian music was quite present in Germany … Maybe I will add one of those later.
See you around


First of all, I’m really happy that you’ve appreciated the song I’ve chosen :heart::heart: Regarding the songs you shared, I loved them :heart_eyes:. “Anca Gnaci” has a beautiful meaning and I liked both the versions, even if I think they are pretty different (in particular because of the different voices). Then there is “Yerevan”. I enjoyed not only the song, but the videoclip too. I swear thet I smiled throughout all the video! It’s a pity that I can’t understand the meaning, even if I assumed something. Thanks for sharing dear! :heart: I had never listened to Armenian songs and I loved them :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Firstly thankss, I think it’s beautiful getting to know new things coming from different countries😍
Oh and wow, you shared so many songs! :heart::heart:I liked all of them but I’ll say something more for some of them. My favourite of them all (based on the rhythm because unfortunately I can’t understand the lyric) is “Lempo”. Regarding “Turvasana”, I find the translation on the comment section and I loved it! And Jenni is such a beautiful woman :heavy_heart_exclamation: My eyes are blessed after seeing Pete Parkkonen (:joy::joy:) , “Pissamat” it’s a very catchy song and I liked Finnish raggae :heart: It took me a while to listen all these songs, but it was worth it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: If you have something else to share, feel free to do it :wink:

Thank youu dear :heart::heart: I’ve just fallen in love with this song! And apart from being beautiful, it will be also useful for me because I’m studying German :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: It feels amazing to be able to understand some worlds (not many because I’ve started studying this language some months ago, but I’m happy anyway :rose:). Let me know what do you think about the song I shared too, when you’ll listen to it ^-^

If I wanted to introduce Italian song to our friends here, I would choose this one.
(For translation hit “more” on the description)


I like it, it is soft and strong at the same time.

I remember when I was a child there was Umberto Tozzi singing
Ti Amo - most of us know that this means I Love You

there is however a German version, interestingly they kept the Ti Amo

and an English version, this one was a few years later though

The songs might differ a bit in the lyrics - I couldn’t check though
Laura Branigan did another Umberto Tozzi song Gloria - that song was used in the Korean drama “Gloria”

Or Zucchero who sing Senza Una Donna and did a duet with Paul Young in English Without A Woman

There were many Italian artists active in Germany back then Alice, Angelo Branduardi, Gianna Nanini, Jovanoti, Eros Ramazotti, Nek, … I hope, I have the names correct.
There is one song I happen to see Italian with German translation

Sorry it’s a pretty old one.
But here a new version of a German song now in German/Italian

So, I hope this wasn’t getting too long, I forget the time, when it’s about music. I wish you a lot of fun learning German and success!
Viel Glück und gutes Gelingen!


It’s kind of funny that I know this song through French TV, one version by a woman and by a man

And I just read that Florent Pagny sand it as a duet with Tina Arena and another time with Celine Dion.


You’re right dear :heart: Luciano Pavarotti and Lucio Dalla are two great and famous singer here in Italy. Thanks for sharing this wonderful song. I’m not kidding if I say that every italian knows and loves it :rose:

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Wow, really? I didn’t know that in Germany you listen to all these italian songs! I’m feeling really proud right know :heart_eyes::heart: Oh and there is a German version of “Ti amo”?!? I love it, I swear :joy::heart_eyes: I’ll use it too to improve my German :heart: Dankeschön :rose: (one day I’ll be able to write and to speak in German :muscle:t2:).
P. S.: I thought it could be interesting telling you that in one of the first lessons, my German teacher let me listen to this song - - >

I remember that I was thinking that the rythm was pretty cool and through this song I learned some worlds :heart:

I’m really impressed :heart::heart: I love this song so much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Recommended Dutch songs:

This song was voted best Dutch songs in various polls. The man is singing that he is the sun and everything reverses around him. The woman is someone who is in love with the sun and she wants to be with him.

For Suzan & Freek this was their first single. They said they recorded it in their own house and the next day they just went to work, because they had no idea if people would like it. Now it has almost 22 million views so…

Singer Boudewijn de Groot has a long career as a singer, but I didn’t really know a lot of his songs. This song I heard for the first time in a tv programme where singer Maaike Ouboter sang a small part of it. The title translates to ‘drowned butterfly’ He sings that it would be cool to be able to fly and be free like a butterfly so you can fly away from all pain, but he realizes even butterflies will die and he no longer wants to be a butterfly.

@irmar The first time I heard ‘Caruso’ was when Dutch singer Tommie Christiaan sang a cover of it in the tv-programme ‘Beste zangers’ (Best singers)
In this programme a group of 7/8 singers participate and in every episode one singer is the main guest. The other singers will sing covers of the main guest’s work or cover a song of an artist the main guest really likes. Inbetween the performances, the presenter will talk with the main guest about his/her career, life, etc. The programme has been around since 2011 and is still very popular. It’s a great way to discover new singers and songs.

This is Tommie Christiaan’s version:

He sings it to Tania Kross who is an opera singer. In another episode they sing ‘Barcelona’ together which is also amazing.


Well, we have quite many Italians living in Germany. And I guess in the 80’s it was really popular to spend your vacations in Italy. There was a lot that came from Italy then restaurants with Pizza and Pasta. And then there was Italo Disco Pop like Matia Bazar - Ti Sento, but many sang in English Den Harrow, Ryan Paris, Raf, Spagna, Scotch …

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What a fun thread :smile:

I’m going to share some songs from Aruba & Curacao, which are part of the Dutch kingdom, and where they speak Papiamento (and also some Dutch ones).

Artists from Aruba:

A song about the ABC islands - Aruba, Bonaire & Curacao.

This video starts with a nursery rhyme: a little boy, without a name, who is little, (last sentence idk).

The artist is from Aruba. The song is about how, even if our lives aren’t great, we can be thankful for the little things and be happy that we have a “good life,” compared to those who have it worse than us, for example being able to drink clean water in a cup instead of drinking from a ditch.

Artists from Curacao:

This is an old one, but it’s still popular (you can hear 4 languages in the song - Dutch, Papiamento, English and Spanish. The first 3 languages are official languages on the islands).

Another artist from Curacao [has subtitles]. Izaline Calister often has a jazzy vibe in her music. I choose this video because it had subtitles.

An indie artist, who grew up in Curacao and lives (lived?) in the Netherlands, but still sings in Papiamento.

Dutch artists:

This artist is from Surinam, a former part of the Dutch kingdom, so they still speak Dutch there. And this song is about how he meets a girl in Paris, tries to speak to her in French, only to find out she is Dutch.

A song about laying awake at night, not being able to fall asleep. Can’t lie… I sometimes hear the lyrics of this song when I’m trying to fall asleep.

Hope you enjoyed these :blush:


Really nice idea this thread!

Most should habe English subs… if not and you cannot find it you can ask me I’ll translate it then.


@dramalover_742 even as german i don´t know this song. another song of them i think all germans know (36 grad)

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Because we already have so many german songs here I am gonna share some turkish songs. x)
PS: I live in Germany but I am a turk so you know.

Some one of the greates songs of 2017 (my opinion) because this was my earworm for many weeks.
And it’s also very famous if you look at the click’s. Theme: slow Pop/Melody

Another one which is not so old as well (2018):

Now my last one which is more traditional (2015):

I hope you like those three songs (I could post more but I dont like it bc you can lose track)!