She's So Lovable (Discussion Board)

Is it just me or is anybody else really excited to see Rain’s She’s So Lovable?
I’m really excited to see the chemistry between these two for some reason.

Considering that Krystal is new to acting, this being her 2nd drama and a Lead Role, I’m really curious about her acting skills since this is not a high school drama.

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Also what do you think about the newly added Cast Members L and Hoya?

This drama is looking better by the minute. (I.M.O)

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omg. i have to watch this. im not a big rain fan as much as everyone else, but i am curious to see this … interesting pair… i wouldnt have thought that they would pair up

even BETTER! omg all the infinite guys are getting roles yay!

Yeah. The plot looks pretty interesting, that’s one of the things that caught my attention. Plus the cast. I’m wondering if they are going to bring in more artists since the drama is half based in the music entertainment?

oh i am definitely going to watch it if its about music :smiley: so if there are other stars, i will be so happy.

Definitely. Can’t wait to see who else is joining the cast.

We have a new addition to the Cast!!! (drum roll please) ALEX!!!
He will be playing Rain’s BFF/Assistant. What do you think?

More Added Cast Members!!!

T-ARA N4 member Dani

Park Young Kyu

Kim Hye Eun

Kim Ki Bang

So far cast is looking pretty bad-ass. What do you guys think?

even better!
I like this drama in advance :slight_smile:

This drama FINALLY got licensed. There for I bring you some Teasers!!!

Teaser 1

Teaser 2

for everyone watching this recently @Kurama @dramaaaaa @lutra @ger_o_malley

i have to say, im only up to episode 5 heading to 6 now, and i see what all of you are saying about this drama.

  1. the music to me i like it so far, even though i like the pop-ish types of songs better, like in heartstrings and others, i think these songs are nice and okay and soft. its different.

im feeling bad for L (myungsuu) who i LOVE but im shipping rain and krystal! their age difference is cute and not that much of a problem, and i think theyre cute togeth.

about the kpop industry, i can see they are shedding some light here as to how things go on. its really sad and i hope that my groups arent like this but the reality is that behind closed doors you really dont know. BUUTTT i will say that in the diaries and interviews/facial expressions, you can tell whats genuine and whats not, as far as relationships between the members and whatnot. not saying this is a definite DEFINITE proof that nothing like these problems are happening in these groups. we just dont know. i can only hope that everything’s okay.

as far as health is concerned, i already know that they dont get enough sleep, enough food, are forced into plastic surgery sometimes and sadly sexual favors. they get scolded allot for petty things, are not allowed to date, and are being put pressure for maintaining image of members ect. it is very sad and i hope everything is okay with all my babies and i just hope they take care of them.

here’s an article that shows some of this :

[article of mistreatment’s in kpop][1]

and a vid:

underneath that article there are more articles in the replies.
apologize if there is a curse or two in there, i dont remember. i try to stay away from it.

anyways, you can always look up “mistreatments of kpop” online and see so much more things. so sad.

another article:

its sad because i watch ALLOT of kpop reality shows (Vixx diary, ect.) and ALLOT of interviews and
not only that but also actors too and allot of these stars have said these things on camera… about what they cant eat, how many hours they work,“we cant eat that” or “We didnt sleep today” or “only 1hour of sleep”, they talk about what its like. saying “we cant eat that we’ll get bloated tommorow for the interview” or “i lost 10+ pounds for the debut”.

one even said a contract they had refused to sign because it said they had to “give up RIGHTS to their BODY” ahem,cough SM and the guy from ft. island COUGH and adhere to any plastic surgery they want. and the stars talk about food and appearance and diet all the time. also about how “ugly” they were before and lots of them have low self esteem.

sorry HAHAHAHA This comment made me laugh so much! x.DD @dramaaaaa its true! why must they hurt this 2nd lead?! if she likes Rains character than lets just see that! haha

why must they twist me into 2nd lead syndrome? (tho im rooting for the main couple, i still feel bad for my L).

I just had to look up at which ep this drama is, I only missed out on 2 eps it seems. Actually I stopped after ep 11, it was rather unintended but it is possible that I will never complete this one …
It’s easy on the eyes but the storyline is rather boring, swappable …
The music is okay, but not remarkable …
I will leave it with that, I don’t want to make it worse, than it actually is, but if you have seen a lot of dramas before, it doesn’t offer enough to keep your interest, maybe real fans of the actors can sit it out.

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About the K-pop-music-acting-industry - there were so many events happening in the past year that you will get a glimpse of what is going on. However I always feel bad for any individual that ends up as a product. People are people, if they get sick from all the treatment they received from their “bosses” mentally and/or physically then the aftermath is hard to handle for anyone involved and the fans as well.
To let them have surgeries so they are “better” on the outside, will still leave the scars on the inside unseen, that isn’t new, since plastic surgery is an old “problem”, even Marilyn Monroe has done it.
I don’t see that this way will change anytime soon, as profit is the Golden Calf of these days in most societies.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !!! OMG really ??? so i don’t care about others i am happy that you ship them T_T

lmao i know right i had such a face when it happened:


I mean it’s useless to hurt the second lead every time and making fans fighting hahaha

yeah, i think the story line is simple so far and i like it ^ ^ i dont know if later it will drag or not, im only up to 6 but i have to start what i finish and so far i dont have a problem with it here.

yeah its sad how life is in this world to the Korean industries. hoping everyone well, and i know allot of people do plastic surgery but whats sad is suffering through the pain when you never wanted it in the first place and being forced to do it.

agreed. these people are to focused on perfection. everyone just love yourself for you and thats it! you know?
but yes, like you said, these industries want profit, and will do anything and everything.

yes, agree with that. wishing all these people who work hard to entertain us and make us happy well… every one of them work so hard and thats why i try not to critisize them or what they do because i know most of the time its not their faults, they have no say in what kind of projects theyre gonna be in most of the time or how to act/sing.

well i like L better than Rain, and of COURSE im gonna feel bad for L and ship her with both guys, i think she looks good with Both, but i came to see her with rain and i know theyre gonna get together. so it doesnt shock me or anything x) theyre cute too x)

when rain grabbed her face in one part in the museum i was like:

HAHAHA I KNOW!!! why must they do that to him? why? thats like :

poor second leads! forever doomed to rejection…