Shinism or Mukyo in K-Dramas, what series include it

I am interesting in which K-Dramas and movies involve Shinism or also called Mukyo in their stories.

Also, has anyone visited Shinism temples in Korea that is a member of the group?

It plays a passing roll in many dramas, and is often made light of with some outragous looking ritual that is being done as a last resort. The ones I can think off at the moment…
Oh My Ghostess
Bring It On, Ghost
The Moon Embracing the Sun
Mirror of the Witch
Beauty Inside (one of the ones with a last resort ritual)
Possessed, the one on Netflix, not the one on Viki (I haven’t seen it to know one way or the other)

I remember watching a drama where someone went to a shaman who was a major kpop fan and had dozens of light sticks on display, but I watched it a few years ago, I can’t remember what drama that was.

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Thank you. It is interesting that Koreans do not value their indigenous religion. The Japanese revere Shinto and the Chinese give respect, if not belief, to Daoism. In the Philippines there is an effort to re-discover the pre-colonial religion and respect it. Thailand respects their religion.

I think when I visit I plan to visit some shrines.

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