Shows/Movies Like Arthdal Chronicles?


One thing I absolutely loved about Arthdal Chrolincles was that, even though it is an East Asian high fantasy*, it had Western fantasy-elements and feel. Now, I do love the typical Asian High Fantasy but I was wondering if you knew of any shows or movies like Arthdal Chrolincles? I’m currently writing a High Fantasy webnovel and watching shows/movies that are a similar genre really helps motivate me.

*High Fantasy pretty much means that the story takes place in a mythical world where magic occurs. Think Lord of the Rings. Low Fantasy, in contrast, takes place in our world - like Harry Potter


Maybe you will like those:

PS: You can search with the genre fantasy :smile:


The Untemed…
Ashes of Love…
The Guardian…
Love and Destiny…

The Joy of Life… Und
Princess Agents…
I missing the 2 Seasons

Maybe there’s something there :hugs::blush: