Shut up Flower Boy Band~ help

In episode 15, when Ji Hyuk meets with Kim Rock near the end of the episode, what is the name of the song that the band plays?? I love it!!

Long - D from Neon Bunny Seoulight


:slight_smile: I am so happy!! how did you find it/know of it?

LOL!! I wish I could take the credit for it. My secret is there’s this really cool ap for the phone called Shazam. You just play part of a song you are looking for and it’ll find it for you with all kinds of info. I’m always surprised at what it’ll find. Glad to help.

Wow…well then, do you mind finding another song for me?? I don’t have an iphone or anything like that so I can’t use shazam. But if you could find the song I was looking for here:

IT WOULD BE SO APPRECIATED…although I don’t think this is a full song. I think it is just a background track. It can;t hurt to try, though!!! :slight_smile:

Sorry, no luck on that.

Didn’t think so- but thanks for trying!! :smiley:

do you happen to know this song, that plays at around 41 minutes in episode 4 of Secret Garden?

Do You mean the background music? Try Ji Soo Kim Guardian Angel