Silent Sea


The Premiere of Silent Sea on Netflix is starting right now!

Link -

and anyone else who wants to watch the premiere with us! Welcome!


Thank you for the invite! I can’t join tonight. So sorry!
Have fun and enjoy everyone!
Happy Holidays!


just watched first episode, oh my, awesome!! sorry I missed the premiere


We will do a rerun. :smiley: Not sure which day yet.

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I assume that you have to have a subscription to Netflix to join a Netflix watchparty (or watchparty for other select streaming services). Didn’t get a subscription to Netflix or Disney+ for Christmas. . .

Hope everyone had a great holiday!


i just finished it, got hooked after the first episode, and didn’t even realize/pay attention that it kept going to the next episode. I thought it was good. May still join the watch party to watch it again.


It was really good. I binged watched it Saturday. We can only run watch parties for those who have Netflix.


So I am hearing it is getting negative reviews???

You really liked it??


I don’t pay attention to reviews or wether or not people liked it. Some people are jaded if the CGI is not up to their expectations. Those same people will love stuff I can’t stand. That is their opinion.

Like how can you expect actors to walk like they are really walking on the moon with the moon’s lesser gravitation while on EARTH? I think the actors did a very good job of it anyway.
And I saw others complain that the excessive corridor scenes were reminiscent of Alien. But mostly, people were comparing it to Squid Game which is unfair. It is not Squid Games. It is a space drama set on a lunar landscape where the habitat is collapsing and a strange illness is affecting people. There are many storylines that could develop further in a season 2. Other comments say it has negative ratings but do not specify why, so those are just netizens who are just copying other netizens who are trashing uselessly. They are on Ignore.

I watched it and I liked it. That’s all that matters to me. I don’t really want to discuss it with people who have not seen it yet. Spoilers.


How many dramas I could name that people loved and got great reviews and I just didn’t like them. I agree that is their opinion.


I agree! With you,
Some high rated dramas here in Viki, aren’t my piece of cake


I definitely agree - usually the stuff that gets negative reviews - I REALLY like!!! LOL


I wasn’t going to watch anymore of it, ok ok you win!! I plan to watch the rest of it today then!

thanks for steering me straight “again” over thinking here


SILENT SEA is awesome to watch!

To the person who wrote the spoiler Gong Yoo didn’t died there is a second part to this series, and he’s needed for second part. There was a purpose for the tear in his eye and the fact that the girl got him out which is what saves him.

I saw all episodes one after the other because is so good you can’t stop watching. Special effects are on another level, and the only thing that sucked big time was the FAKE way they walked. They should have wear very heavy shoes, added rocks etc. and that would have given them a more natural look as they lifted their foot, But leave it to the lack of imagination on their part for not to thinking of doing that. Maybe next series (part 2) will improve on that bc is laughable to watch indeed.


The plot was interesting and I liked to see a world where humanity was facing a shortage of water.
The Silent Sea doesn’t have many flaws. What bothered me the most was the story’s pace. It was very slow. Too many flashbacks and disappointing revelations.
I hope season 2 will be better.


But the flashbacks is what makes us understand what roles each one of them plays in the series. They were cloning people and tortured them by experimenting on them, trying to find a way to use this ‘‘miracle water;’’ that in the end, was really killing them. The girl was the success in the experiment they were hoping for, but once she reaches Earth, who knows what will happen to her, and those who survived the mission since they were all supposed to be killed, and never return to earth. I believe part 2 (if we ever get to see it) will be even better than part 1 bc the moon part was very limited into how much action they could do, so that is why you found it so slow. Personally, I feel the ones that were ‘‘killers’’ there didn’t play the role too well. I don’t know if they were too cute or too dumb to be hired assassins because in the end they all end up dead lol


[quote=“angelight313_168, post:14, topic:41880”]
and the only thing that sucked big time was the FAKE way they walked. They should have wear very heavy shoes, added rocks etc. and that would have given them a more natural look as they lifted their foot, [/quote]

Welllll… Not really. No, rocks or weighted shoes would make their steps too heavy and would make them plod along. The moon has much less gravity than earth does so they should have been very light on their feet and their steps would have pushed them higher off the ground. They would have problems keeping their balance and try not to bounce up too high or they’d fall over.

The actors tried their best to do a moon gravitational walk while under earth’s gravity so I do not fault them. They really tried to portray the moon’s lesser gravity and the long up and down motions you’d get walking on the moon. That was tough on them. Yes, It looked a bit silly but they really tried. So I do not bash them on that. It is not easy to walk on the moon with earth’s muscles. Nor is it easy to fake walking under the lighter moon’s gravitation while on earth.

It was easier for the Apollo astronauts to hop rather than walk but that may have also been due to their stiff boots.

Apollo Missions on the Moon:
Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walking, hopping and falling on the moon.


Have you watched it? I binged it to the end. I enjoyed it and am waiting for the second season. You know Netflix will fund it because they funded a second season of the Zombie franchise.


planning to finish the last 2 episodes today



@porkypine90_261 [quote=“porkypine90_261, post:17, topic:41880”]
The actors tried their best to do a moon gravitational walk while under earth’s gravity so I do not fault them.

I NEVER BLAMED THE ACTORS. I wasn’t specific enough to say the Director/PA/ even wardrobe staff maybe? they did ‘‘lacked imagination,’’ and of course; those are the people I meant to say are responsible of that ‘‘fake walk in the moon’’ because they are responsible of making those scenes look more realistic. If I ‘‘blamed the actors’’ for doing that, I would have written ‘‘the actors should have put rocks in their shoes.’’ No matter how much you can explain it here, you must admit those ‘’ moon walking scenes’’ left a lot to be desired, and like I said ‘‘were laughable.’’

I’ve seen movies in the space, moon, other planets etc. from so many OTHER countries, and NONE of them looked as bad ‘‘walking on the moon’’ as the actors did in the [SILENT SEA]. . I have read many articles about the series, and the first thing that comes up; it’s the way the actor’s walked in the moon and how ‘‘fake/ridiculous those scenes look.’’

I couldn’t stop laughing every time they had a scene with ‘‘the new moon walk’’ (specially GY bc he has such long legs), but who knows? Maybe this is the real way they walk in the moon, and all others are fake.

The series is GREAT, and I hope they soon release second part. I noticed [GY/Captain] had a ‘‘tattoo’’ of the spaceship design on his neck, and that is some kind of message for part 2 that is why I wrote beforethat he’s not dead. The Captain is a way too much important part of the series, and dead he serves no purpose.

PS. There is another HINT for part 2 in the series that connects the CLONES to EARTH see if you can guess what that is.