Singaporean dramas

Recently I’ve discovered some Singaporean dramas and I fell in love with them! Anyone else watching them? Any recommendation?
It would be super cool if Viki had SG dramas too… :smiley:

My fave is The Little Nyonya, followed by Breakaway and Golden Path. Wish they were more available!

My favourites are If Only I Could and Sudden.
But it’s really hard to find them. Toggle is not available in my country. :disappointed:

There really are some good SG dramas. I love The Little Nyonya too.

Some others I’ve watched and loved:
The Journey (trilogy), Soup of Life(plot theme is on Bak Kut Teh/Pork Rib soup), Spice Up, Tiger Mum(not the same drama as the one of the same title that’s from China starring Vicki Zhao, but both are just as popular in SG), and The Seeds of Life(which stars Malaysian celeb Melvin Sia who’s currently starring in V-Focus, an on-air Viki Exclusive Taiwanese drama).

This piece of news may be of interest to US fans of SG dramas and Netflix:

Gonna check them out. :slight_smile:

I’m currently watching Three Wishes. Have you seen that one? It seems interesting so far.