Singing Karaoke... In Verses... With Pengsoo, SK's National Mascot

If you enjoy Kdrama and VIKI in general, it’s impossible you haven’t already seen Pengsoo, the giant fluffy penguin with yellow headphones that pops-up in variety shows and as toys that lovers gift each other in romcoms. Well, today I decided to paint him and even write a little poem. :microphone::notes:

“That is when one of our friends shouted: Karaoke!”
“We looked at one another and said in concert: OK!”
“Since we had the volume control unbound,”
“The music started raging like a thundering cloud.”
“That night we all sang to our heart’s desire,”
“Fearing only the dawn much like a vampire."
“With each new song our worries soon drowned,"
“And around the booth we all clowned.”
“We each got to pick our favourite track,”
“But I think we just showed how much we lack.”
“Some of us got super wild and even danced,”
“Although really you could only say we pranced.”
“Together we had a blast enjoying the awesome sound,”
“Which was playing loudly in surround.”



Now that you mention Pengsoo,
I might have seen him a time or two.
But I never knew his name,
nor that he’d gained such fame.
I wonder, since you raised your voice,
what was your song of choice?

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Since I’m from Europe, I wanted to teach Pengsoo about yodeling. He was better than I thought. :penguin::microphone: :sweat_smile:

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I’m from Europe too! :slight_smile:

Yeah, he is good. Maybe he did this course: :rofl:

Or might he have gotten his inspiration from Japan?

Or China?

Or maybe he went to Europe after all …

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