Single Parent Drama

Can anyone recommend any dramas with single parents

I will include dramas with siblings no parent at all, I hope you don’t mind:

What is often used the widower, the man who brings up his kids, either if they are little or already older, if they are older normally at least the youngest still is in school or studies. There are a lot of family dramas aka weekenders most about 50 eps.

Here you even have two single parents

And there are cases, when one doesn’t know who is parenting who, the kids the parents or vice versa?

There are single parents, who are looking for a place for their kid, because they are facing an illness.

And siblings facing the fate to get into the parent’s role:

Or one comes from happily married to I need to change my life:

And there are people who inherit a family:

and there are others, who suddenly find out “I’m the father”:

There are more and older ones, that you might not find anywhere …

But I need some sleep, if you want I can tell you later


Here are a few:

When the Camellia Blooms (not on Viki)

How to Meet the Perfect Neighbor (also not on Viki, unfortunately)

And I’m Mita, Your Housekeeper, the Japanese version of Suspicious Housemaid

so many great suggestions unfortunately a majority seem unavailable in Canada I feel like Viki has given up in my contry i file a request but i have never seen it work.

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Fight My Way
Second Last to Love
My Little Baby
Hi Bye Mama
Great Show
On the Way to the Airport
Moments of 18

Not all dramas are available for me now, they were at some point but now most of the licenses expanded. Good luck maybe you will find one for you.

Terius Behind Me is a favourite of mine :slight_smile: but not sure if it’s what you’re looking for. It’s certainly entertaining hehe