Sita Ramam (Telugu help)

Tollywood, but since that’s not an option…

I tried putting in the speech as I heard it phonetically through machine translation and got some results for the missing chunks of the official subtitles. If someone could check to see how wrong I was, I’d appreciate it.
Did you see how confused he was?
I saw and smiled.
Must be great money?
Why didn’t you teach her? I don’t know it.
“I will be your day and night shadow” Again. What do you mean? We have to bump heads again to unjinx (or it’s bad luck?).

Will credit whoever helps, unless they don’t want it.

Telugu Trailer (English subtitled)
Film subtitles currently

The trailer I linked before isn’t for this movie. :frowning:

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Thanks for the tag! When did discussions gave an option to post audio clips? It’s been a long time since I visited here :slight_smile:

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The trailer posted is of a Malayalam movie of the lead actor of Sita ramam. I didn’t get enough time to watch this movie yet. But it’s very popular at the moment. I will look at the trailer and give you the translation.

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It’s a direct link that’s embedded on the webpage.

It’s a Telugu film, as is the trailer I don’t know how i didn’t notice that, that’s dubbed into Malayalam iirc, along with Tamil and Hindi. Seems Dulquer’s voice is used for the Malayalam dubbing. If it helps, I can post the Malayalam equivalent audio clips.

Trailer is already subtitled.

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Oh okay!

It is a bilingual film that was shot in tamil and telugu at once.
Though the story is same, some of the scenes were shot in a different way.

yes, it is dubbed into Malayalam but Dulquer is a native Malayalam speaking person(He lives in Kerala) so it is obvious that he gave his own voice for his own language( the Malayalam version).

Since I only know Telugu I can only help you with English to Telugu translation.

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I don’t know the exact scene. But I am just translating what I hear.
Hero’s dialogue -Did you see how (Royally)they are taking(Thing/person)?
Second person’s dialogue -
Version 1- Keep looking like that, they will take with their mouths shut.
I can translate perfectly if I can get a screen shot.
Version 2- Keep looking like that, they will take that carrying.
Moosukuntoo(Keeping their mouths shut)/ Mosukuntoo(Carrying) sounds very similar.

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Your highness.
{Why did you bend down like that?} - This I am not sure. Did your money fell on the ground?

Must be great money? would also be correct if he bend down to pick that money… you know sometimes we do not exactly translate but we make sure that the context is not lost.

This is the right translation. The one in the italics is the song.

The remaining one I have no idea. I think I will comeback to translate it once I watch the movie.

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Dubbed. I can see the lip movements don’t match with the on the Tamil, Kannada, or Malayalam versions (unless the original actor knows the language like Dulquer). Also all the scenes should be the same regardless of language, just audio is different. The film was primarily shot in Telugu, Hindi/Urdu (minor parts), sparse English, then dubbed over those sections (some exceptions, depending on the original and final language) for the other languages.

By bilingual, i think you mean simulcast in which the original actors will do the scene in both languages which leaves two versions of the film both visually (time wise) and audio. This film has the same length regardless of the language (audio) it is dubbed into

The scene beforehand the hero tricked a guy to enter the palace.
Must be great money (to bend down like that). Parenthesis was implied not written out. Bad form on my part, since the video wasn’t there.

Some parts have terrible audio quality. You can hear crackling. Here’s the full subtitle file currently if you’re watching it online. . Funny enough, Telugu wasn’t the only language with missing subtitles. There was one wrong subtitle and a few missing for Hindi. Also had a few lines in English that were captioned completely wrong. Just baffling.

చూసేవా ఎంత టెర్జ్యగా డిస్క్యూళ్తునారు ? Cūsēvā enta ṭerjyagā ḍiskyūḷtunāru
That’s as close as I can get.
Venture and say that’s 'Did you see how much we discussed?"
చూస్తుండు ముస్కుడు తీస్కెళ్టారు
Cūstuṇḍu muskuḍu tīskeḷṭāru
I saw that they didn’t catch a scent. (i.e. they weren’t suspicious)
Sounds like it matches. Not sure about where the breaks are for the words.
You can’t see them speak it in the scene, it’s just a voice over.

కానీ మగడం ఎంధుకు Kānī magaḍaṁ endhuku
(character’s thought)
I think it’s “Why bother man?” or But why bother man?

షాల్ లేవుచు Ṣāl lēvucu (could be) Ṣāl lē vucu

I think that’s supposed to be " Sir, get/stand up"