Slang words in your language

When you’re watching dramas, there are probably some words that you can’t pick up because it’s not part of the standard language. I’m talking about Slang :smile:

They’re words that you would only know if you lived there or had friends who knew.

What slang words can you share to help us? Thanks!

You mean slang and words of a dialect for a certain region/city right?
What I find so funny about slang or specific words for a region is that you don’t always realize it’s not a normal word until someone goes “what does that word mean?” :smile:

Anyway some Dutch slang I hear quite a lot:
Aso (from the word asociaal) : someone who does something antisocial or a situation that is antisocial.

  • when you see a car parked diagonally over 2 parking lots so you can’t park yours you can say “that’s so aso”
  • when someone is cheating in a waiting line people sometimes say; “don’t do so aso”/ “don’t be so aso”

(h)allee ( not even sure how i should write it :wink: ) It’s multifunctional. My younger brother uses it to greet people when visiting a party like a “hi everyone”, to say bye when leaving or on the phone, and also like “I’m back home”


We’re talking about Slang now.
In Indonesia, Slang always improve. Like something trending on SNS.
Sometimes, I don’t know what they’re talking about.

There are slang when you send text messages, like:
Ak tw kw (Slang)/ Aku tahu kau (proper writing style). Which means I know you.
Lo gue en (Slang) which means You and I are over.

In the past, there were slang change all consonants into “a”, like:
Kamu baik sekali become Kama baak sakala (slang with a consonant) which mean You’re so nice. But it’s not trending anymore.

Ughh, I can’t think any of it anymore. Just stuck at this moment. :smile:

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Well what can I say here
In Greece we have a lot
For example “Ta pira sto kranio” means “I got very angry about something”
“Ai ston koraka” means “Go to hell”