Slapping vs. Kissing

The other day while watching Secret Hotel, where the bride slaps the hotel employee, it struck me ( well figuratively speaking) how you are more likely to see multiple slap fests in a k-drama, than kisses. Now I respect the modesty etc of Korean culture, but seriously? Do people, adults in daily encounters slap each other silly?

Come to think about it, it’s a false morality standard if it’s easier to get slapped or to slap than to throw around random kisses.

Epic kimchee slap.

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Lol. Very true. Actually, often times I wonder what real life would be like if many things happened or played out according to the dramas themselves. On the one hand, it would be so much simpler because in the end, everything gets resolved, and it’s somewhat predictable (honestly).

On the other hand… things would no longer make moral sense, like you just said, since so many scenes focused on the dramatic effect rather than realism.


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Yep one of my pet hates also. On my bucket list, to sit drinking tea with a Korean woman and get the low down on how they are depicted in home produced dramas.

Well, I would be careful, that’s when water gets thrown at your face. Now who ever would go to a meeting with an adversary with glasses of water on the table. At least they have the decency not to waste soju.

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@Stelllaa, hahahah, well said, you are probably right. Really amazes me though I’m in NY a lot and there are lots of Koreans there haven’t once witnessed a woman slapping, throwing water or tumbling to the ground while screaming abuse, do they only behave like that in their homeland? Now I won’t get started on the MEN… AH so annoying!

One, which I laughed a lot :laughing:

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Yes, me too :smile:

Every time I see a boss slap his/her employee, I always get so outraged. Naively, I think “Doesn’t he know he’s not supposed to do that?”

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How about the medical shows where the teacher bops the students on the head? Cringe worthy. No wonder these k-drama stars and k-pop singers are always caught abusing their significant others.

loooool! ok that kimchi slap was so funny hahaha omg…

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The best part is that it’s for real, how can you fake that?

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hahahaha oh my god this is golden. What drama is this from? I don’t recognize it

but yeah, I get what you mean, Of course they are dramas but still those scenes always make me cringe. More often than not the situation I feel is not that big of a deal. Physical abuse should never be warranted in any situation but sometimes I’m like really? you’re slapping her over that?

IKR? hahaha omg she actually slapped the actor with kimchi, damn! You don’t see that everyday hahaha