Snacks and Kdramas


I personnally prepare a healthy banana-chocolate smoothie :slight_smile: :
2 frozen bananas ( preferably brown ones to be more sweet )
1 date
2 tablespoon of unsweet cacao powder
2 cups of almond milk ( or use diary milk but it’s less healthy )
1 teaspoon of almond butter ( or peanut butter )
Then blend it in high to get a smooth texture
It’s super delicious, not super sweet and perfect with a straw
Enjoy :relaxed:
(btw this is a recipe that I found on youtube from this girl how shows healthy recipes, talks about glow up and has flexibility videos :grinning:)

Or I prepare a tuna toast( fresh sauces with mustard and Provence herbs)

But don’t forget to eat slowly :wink:


That sounds really good! I don’t have any dates (well, I have the Korean dates (대추) but it’s not the right kind for this), but I think I have everything else. Can’t wait to try it!


Usually ramen or ddeokbokki (떡볶기) or dried squid (반건조 오징어, 오징어 버터구이, 오징어 진미채) or roasted almonds or gummy bears. Yea, I know, not the healthiest.


In which way are they different from other dates and why would they not be suitable for a smoothie?


i put coffee instead of cacao powder :grin::yum:


Both would be even better! :yum:


Date is used for sweetness so you can use any other sweet fruit but it has to match with the cacao powder flavor. I will try honey instead and will see the result :grinning:


Unfortunately, I don’t really appreciate the coffee but I’ll try it :grin:


Me too I’m curious :blush:


sounds delicious! i might try it!!


those all sounds really good!!!


wow…that sounds DELICIOUS!!!


They are dried and and won’t blend into the smoothie.|ci%3D8ccc36a756a21f3564ca68919aec621cd3cfcf24|tr%3Dimg|sn%3D507893|hk%3Dba23ad19e409c77fb51c225e5511d7b4616961d3


Actually, when I hear the word “date” I always picture the dried version. They’re much more common here than fresh ones. Probably makes sense, since we don’t grow them here.
But you’re probably right about them not blending in.


The American dates are also dried, but they are more like prunes or raisins so they can easily be used in making a smoothie.

But Korean dried dates are not wet at all and they are also not as sugary. They are used in certain Korean dishes, such as Samgyetang, or Yakshik.


Are the Korean ones tasty, though?


It’s pretty mild flavored and some people like to eat the fresh dates. The fresh ones are a bit similar to apples (but much smaller with a pit in the middle), but not as sweet or juicy as apples. I use the dried ones in cooking time to time and they provide a bit of sweetness.


healthy food ofc


I like eating pudding from time to time or ice cream or corn chips but there must be a moderation to it :laughing: This is why I prefer to watch drama during dinner in the evening. I eat a sandwich or a tost with some green tea next to me and after that I am already so into the plot, that I forget about the food -which is good, because it’s hard for me to forget about the food normally hahah :joy:



Cut any fruits you have
Add nuts
A drizzle of mapple sirup, best on bananas

Optional with this Super Bowl:
Oatmeal + greek yoghurt then add the fruits on top.

Not healthy:

I can’t live without chips.

There are also more healthy chips.

What do you use to eat this? Your hand, a fork, a spoon, a knife, chopsticks, or something else?