So few T-Dramas?

Feels like there are very few Taiwanese Dramas being added to Viki… seems to be predominantly a K-Drama site… only 101 T-Dramas vs 573 K-Dramas from my last filter. Guessing there’s difficulty getting licenses for certain dramas? It’s unfortunate as it seems to be easier to pirate this content even though I pay monthly for viki services.

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I know! I’ve been wanting to request T-dramas to be added on Viki but don’t know how.

But I’ve been really following “Age of Rebellion” which came out this year. It has Peter Ho (also directed by him).
There’s also another one called “Meet me @ 1006”. I only watch it sporadically now because I don’t like how the girl main character is portrayed. She really killed the show for me. But everything else about the show is great! Lego Li’s acting is really good in this one.