So I married an anti-fan

What do you guys think about the on air show “So I married the anti-fan”
What do you think will happen in the show? Are you excited for the up-coming episodes?
Who is your favourite character and least liked character so far?
When do you think the main leads will get closer?
Give me your opinion!

I really like the show so far, it’s really refreshing and the main leads are doing a great job, my only negative point (Which isn’t really a negative point, I’m just sulking lol) IS THE AMAZING PREVIEWS THEY MAKE THAT MAKE ME WANT MORE!!


I don’t watch on-the-air shows, but I’m super stoked about this one. I heard it was supposed to come out in 2019. I’m so glad it hasn’t been cancelled. :slight_smile:

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I like it a lot and I don’t like it either. I had seen the first Chinese film adaptation and was curious to see how the plot of a movie could be extended to the usual 16 episodes. I am aware that it must follow the webtoon, too.

The FL is actually very sympathetic, and yet they let her fall back into old patterns, always a bit clueless, alcohol, etc. The TV crew really drives me crazy! But I already like the ML and also the chemistry between the two of them very much.

I just don’t know what role Kim Min Kyu will play here. Once I have seen him here on Viki in a leading role and I wish for more of that.

I thought it was cliché as hell. The contrary of refreshing. What’s refreshing about seeing something that you’ve seen dozens of times before? Even without having read the webtoon or a full synopsis I know exactly what is going to happen and how it’s going to end.
More importantly, as a woman, I feel ashamed and insulted when Korean media portrays women like this. Infantile, impulsive, unprofessional, loud, obnoxious, ready to jump to conclusions without knowing or even trying to know the facts, over-reacting, blundering, idiotic, a hot mess, drinking while on the job etc. And this creature is supposed to be a JOURNALIST? Pffff!
The most infuriating thing is that the males supposedly find this behaviour charming and lovable, and fall for these child-women. They smile patronizingly amused and feel tenderness, an urge to protect her - as obviously she has zero survival skills.
This is not innocent fun. This reinforces the horrible stereotype for all the young female viewers who devour the webtoons and the dramas.
I remember such things in American and European media of the Fifties and Sixties, but for today it’s totally unacceptable.
It’s as bad as a Chinese drama.

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I’m still waiting for such a drama, where the FL is neither infantile nor bossy. She’s just smart enough, but she’s not Wonder Woman (and she must not have had a hard childhood!). Maybe she’s having a hard time finding someone who’s her equal. She sends out signals, and when nothing comes back, she thinks: Then don’t!

That would be my idea and at the same time I think: That’s terribly difficult to film it in such a way that it’s not quite boring. But we will see…


“Need someone who falls apart
So he can play Prince Charming
If that’s the kind of girl he wants…”

(But the leads are not quite that bad.)


J-Dramas are even worse. They portray women not as women but as grown up kids.


Have you watched this one?

The women here are what I’d like to call women. One plus point is, none of them had a hard childhood. Just one out of the three had a rough marriage. From the synopsis, it might seem like a romance but the main actor here did not have as much screen time as the three female leads had. Romance here is much like a side story.

An evil old woman using her powerful daughter-in-law to gain power. From the antagonist to the protagonist, all are women.


I agree with “not checking for facts” parts but I think her over reaction is justified considering the guy was a prick in the beginning… he’s still going through the character development, she’s not that bad too.
And (this is my opinion) I don’t analyse characters this deep because I just take it as a drama and the characters aren’t real

My point was just to use such a character in a romance or even a serious romcom. Maybe she is writing her diploma or even doctoral thesis and falls into (slight) depression because she can’t predict feelings as well as her career until then.
Such a constellation following by so-called “downgrade dating” was once hinted at “More than friends”.

The FLs of You Are My Hero, Descendants of the Sun, Flower of Evil, Love in the Moonlight, Familiar Wife…what did you think of them?

I really, really liked the character of Detective Cha Ji Won in Flower of Evil. She was wonderful, and I loved watching how the writers brought out her character. She didn’t have a rough childhood. She was a good detective. She used her head and her heart in balance. From the synopsis, I thought she’d be a naive little woman who was getting played by her husband. I was so wrong. She made the choice to trust him, but she didn’t just let him do whatever. Yes, she cried. But it was never shown as a weakness. They both drew strength from the other, and were strong on their own too. I feel like the fate of the story and her marriage depended a lot on her and how she handled things. And she did an AMAZING job. She did what half the dramas fail at-- communicate and trust.
The drama was a psychological crime thriller, but it held a very strong note of family and love.

Vulnerability can be shown in a positive light. Sometimes writers also forget that emotions are a strength of a woman, not a weakness. It’s scientifically proven that women are emotionally stronger even if they aren’t physically stronger. Why do most writers think emotions are just crying, doormat-ish, pathetic characters, and “strength” is depicted only through muscle power and being a bossy b*tch? The same goes for men. They make them weak, puppy-ish characters that just don’t appeal at all.


I am totally with you about the FL “Flower of Evil”.

But this was a drama about love, trust and bond embedded in a very murderous drama. Putting such a female character into a romcom seems to be difficult. Some screwball screenwriters in the past could do it.

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Is that a compliment to the writers or not? :joy:

what about these women?

I love this drama. It´s an easy one. Full of cliches but really, this is what I need to watch now during these hard moments. It´s is fiction. I am sure korean women are smart, updated,independent as in any other point of the planet. The previews draws are AMAZING.