Solved! Drama Name with Girl Jumping on Awning?

I saw a preview of a period drama where a girl is jumping on an awning trying to catch a lantern that is flying away. At the same time there is a guy sitting under the awning eating. She breaks through the awning while jumping and he helps toss her back up in the air using his elbow while he is still eating. I wanted to watch the show, but I can’t recall the name and forgot to save it to my watch list.

Edited to add that I think the drama is a newer one (2020 or later) and the jumping girl scene was part of the preview trailer they showed on Viki when you highlighted the drama name.

SOLVED! Princess Weiyoung is the name of the drama. Thanks everyone!

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The drama that comes to mind is Princess Weiyoung.


Thanks! Based on your recommendation I watched a preview of that one, but it doesn’t seem to be the drama that I am looking for. It does look interesting though. Thanks again.

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do you have a link to the video, that might help if someone recognizes one of the actors.

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What are they wearing? If its a period drama, their outfits could narrow down the probable shows by hinting at the characters’ titles/occupation/rank and also tell us which era the drama is set in…

If you’re sure its a period drama available on Viki from or after 2020, there are 12 of them(acc to MDL),2022&so=relevance
I can confirm its not Youth of May but I havent seen the others.

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Yeah, I’m pretty sure you are correct. I watched it about 6 months ago. Seems like there were three princes involved and the FL took the identity of another female to survive as nasty people were out to kill off her family. Lots of shenanigans but the ML and the FL eventually get together/marry and have a child. Unfortunately, the ML drank some kind of slow-acting poison in a previous episode which, of course, eventually killed him.

What on earth that is just MEAN on the writers’ part :sob::sob:

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I just saw a preview of it on a different app, and it is Princess Weiyoung after all. Thank you so very much.



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