(SOLVED) Have any of you been removed from the team for no reason?

I recently checked one of the K-dramas I used to sub and apparently I got completely removed from the team and off of the channel wall. Before anyone can say anything, I subbed “enough” that I should at least receive credit for.

Have you had this happen to you? If so, what did you do?

Also, why does this happen?

If you have already subbed enough, they should have kept your name there. The only times when I’ve seen subbers being removed are

  1. The subber is inactive and hasn’t contributed hardly anything
  2. The subber continues to ignore requests to cooperate with the team and disrupts teamwork by overwriting other members subtitles without any good reason.
  3. The subber was plagiarizing other people’s work by copying subtitles from other sites.
  4. The subber simply doesn’t know the language and just makes up fake subtitles in order to increase subbing counts.

Typically, a mod or the CM would contact the user via PM first to let her know why she is being removed.

You should contact the CM or the mods to find out why you are being removed before posting it here.

Hopefully it’s just a misunderstanding and you will be reinstated.

Good luck!