[Solved] How to get badges

Hi everyone !!

Subathon fall 2020 will end in a few hours and I can’t tell what badge will I get.
Yeah I was so excited to do my first fall subathon that I didn’t look at my subtitles/segment point account. Now I don’t know if I subtitle/segmented enough to get any badge.

So my question is : Do you know how many episodes should we contribute in to get the 500 badge or the 1000 badge ?

I’ve segmented a full episode of 40 min yesterday and my segment account went only from 2.258 to 2.260. So I’m a little bit worried.


From 2,258 to 2,260 is a bit suspicious for a 40 min episode, there could have been a delay in either updating of your profile (that can happen sometimes) or you could have noted it incorrect by mistake.

These links can help you:

A grace time of one week is enough to get your badges, I’ll say wait for two weeks since there are a lot of people who participated and it takes time to check subtitles/segments too. If you don’t get your badge after two weeks, you can go to help center and create a ticket asking for help.

Generally, Taiwanese and Chinese dramas have 600-700 segs in one episode, if you’ve even done one episode alone and your segs were genuine and honest, then you can get 500 badge.


You will get the badge automaticly and the summs of contributions are not always the same on your page. I have this prob often. But after a view mins they are the same

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Ah ! Thank you so much both of you for your replies. I’ve worked for 2 whole days(My butt was hurting me because I spent so much time segging :sweat_smile:) to get at least one badge.

I’m happy to know that my effort didn’t go to waist.

Thanks again :relaxed: !!

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