[Solved] Known issue: "Internal Server Error" on Viki.com

UPDATE, Feb 1, 13:00hrs UTC:
We’re back up and running! Sorry for the short hiccup - you can now resume watching and/or contributing. Thanks for bearing with us!

We are aware that many of you are having trouble getting to Viki.com — our team is looking into it right now. Stay tuned for more updates.

For immediate updates or status, you can refer to our Twitter page @VikiStatus . (You can also access this page without owning a Twitter account.)


I think there’s an issue with Viki right now, I can’t access any page apart from discussions because I know the URL.
All pages says “Internal Server Error” for me.


Look they made a new post - server issues

Knock on wood, for it is okay hopefully it stays that way.

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Why move my answer to others from my post here? It looks kind of weird now and misplaced.


Same for mine ^^’

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But yours at least is talking about the issue, as I was trying to bring the attention to this post with the server issue, but forgot to place the link first, now it’s in the post I wanted to give direction to. :roll_eyes:

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True, that makes yours kind of weird.