[Solved] Known issue: No email notifications for new inbox messages

:white_check_mark: UPDATE, Jan 18, 2020:

Our community members have verified that email notifications have resumed since the fix! Ensure you have your email notifications you have email notifications enabled to continue/start receiving them.

Thank you for being patient with us!

UPDATE, Jan 12, 2020:

If you are part of the group who stopped receiving email notifications for new Viki messages around mid-December, we are happy to let you know that the issue has been fixed and you should now resume receiving email notifications for every new message that come through your Viki inbox if you have email notifications enabled.

To test if this issue has been fixed for you, we recommend having correspondence with one or more community members, await their replies, then check if you have any email notifications for those.

Please let us know how it goes in the replies below :arrow_down: - even if it works for you! We’d like to get a solid verification on this matter.

P.S. Check your spam/junk folders too, if you do not see any in your email inbox.
P.P.S For those who have reached out to the team separately, we have responded to you too. Feel free to reply there or just chime in down below. :slightly_smiling_face:

We are aware that some of you have not been receiving email notifications for new messages through your Viki inbox.

The team is still investigating. We will share an update once we know more. Thank you for your patience meanwhile! :slightly_smiling_face:

NOTE: This issue is affecting only a part of the community at the moment.


Thanks for the update and happy 2021 @jeslynl :grin::hugs:

Yes, it has been fixed, I am receiving email notifications again!

Thank you, Jeslynl!

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