[Solved] Known issue: Timed Comments and Reviews not showing up

UPDATE, June 26 21:15 hrs UTC +8:
The Timed Comments feature have been recovered worldwide! You should now be able to post timed comments as well as view those posted by others.

Be sure to have them turned on to start seeing them again. Learn how you can do that at How do I turn Timed Comments On/Off?

Thank you for being patient with us while the team was looking into it. Please continue to ensure your Timed Comments abide to Viki Community Guidelines, Viki Comment Policy, and Timed Comments Policy!

UPDATE, June 26 13:25hrs UTC +8:

Timed Comments are getting recovered slowly. Some of you might be able to see Timed Comments now, while for the others, the Viki team is still working really hard to bring it back up in your region.

All updates will continue to be posted in the thread.

UPDATE, June 26 11:00hrs UTC +8:

Our fix for Timed Comments is taking slightly longer than expected. We know how much you enjoy this feature, so rest assured the team is still working hard on it!

We will continue to keep you posted.

UPDATE, June 24 21:30hrs UTC +8:

Reviews are back up! Our engineers are still working hard to get Timed Comments up and running for everyone.

Thank you for bearing with us! Stay tuned for updates.

Hello all,

We want to let you know that we are currently experiencing issues with Timed Comments and Reviews.

Timed Comments are currently not showing up on all videos even if you have them enabled on your device. This is happening across web browsers and mobile apps.

Reviews have been made unavailable on all channels, across web browsers and mobile apps. Rest assured that your reviews have not been removed or deleted (as long as they follow the Reviews policy)!

You can, however, continue to add timed comments and post reviews in the meantime. They will be made available and published once this issue is fixed. :slight_smile:

The team is working to bring Timed Comments and Reviews back up on Viki as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience and please stay tuned for further updates on this thread.


That’s the perfect time for Viki to remove all the non reviews so that all reviews meet the reviews policy. Good luck with that because I guess at least 80% might not even be reviews :slight_smile:


I am so happy that it’s being fixed. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I absolutely love the timed comments and was sad when I thought they’d been removed.

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Can someone tell me what a timed comment is? I’m new here, on Viki, and I’d love some guidance on how things work around here!!

There is the Help Center, you will get to find a lot of information.

Like this one https://support.viki.com/hc/en-us/articles/360009409194-What-are-Timed-Comments-

Thanks so much!! I really appreciate it!

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@evante You are welcome!
You can ask on the Help Desk, there most of your questions will be answered from Viki staff, when you ask here most of the answers come from volunteers. Always try the search function there is a lot to find and if you still have questions go ahead and ask. Have a good time at Viki.

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A timed comment is this little box in the right hand corner where people (and you) can/have left comments at a timestamp in the episode you’re watching, that appear as you watch.
(PROS) Often comments are about the show, the actors, the plot, funny parts, ect…
(CONS) A lot of BTS, main female character hate, oppa please love me, and 12 year olds on the internet.
It’s free to turn off and on whenever you choose, but is currently not working, as per the discussion above.

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Thank you so much!

i thought I was the only one facing problems with timed comments lol

I’ve paused from watching the show I was into just because I only really enjoy it with the timed comments. They make it so fun ahahah


Ahh, now I know! So glad I decided to check here to see if there were any posts on the timed comments not showing up. For a while I thought it was only affecting me.
Thank you for the info!:heart:

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Hey everyone!

Timed Comments are getting recovered slowly. Some of you might be able to see Timed Comments now, while for the others, the Viki team is still working really hard to bring it back up in your region.

Stay tuned!

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Dear all,

Thank you for bearing with us. The Timed Comments feature is back up for everyone in all regions! You can now continue to watch videos with Timed Comments; be sure to have them turned on.

Let’s continue to post timed comments mindfully to help ensure Viki remains a positive and welcoming place for everyone!