[Solved] Known issue: Viki app crashing on iOS devices

UPDATE, July 10 21:15 hrs UTC +8:
This issue with Facebook SDK affecting apps on iOS devices has been fixed. You should be able to launch the Viki app on your iOS devices now.

Thank you for being patient.

Hello all,

An issue with Facebook SDK is causing several apps worldwide to crash on iOS devices, including Viki.

We recommend watching on a desktop/laptop web browser at Viki.com, or via the Viki app on an Android device in the meantime. (NOTE: Mobile browsers are not supported)

Thank you for your patience and please stay tuned for further updates on this thread.

Viki app is crashing on web to, not only on IOS .

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It’s the same thing on the web browser. I can’t open the Viki link you posted.

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I can’t even click the link. It won’t work. We don’t own any android devices. Is this a problem with IOS? Or Viki themselves?

Dear all, thank you for being patient with us. The issue with Facebook SDK has been resolved. You should now be able to launch the Viki app on your iOS devices.

Be sure to log in with your correct account on Viki to continue where you left off.