[Solved] Known issue: not loading


UPDATE, Jan 8, 09:50hrs UTC: is back up and running! Thank you for being patient with us.

We are aware that the homepage is not loading at the moment, if you are logging in or logged in.

Our team is currently investigating. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience in the meantime.

To our volunteer community:
On, you might see that you are not a registered volunteer, inbox is unavailable, and/or you are asked to verify your email address again.

You do not have to verify your email address, or re-register yourself as a volunteer. Everything, including your QC status, should resume once this issue is fixed. Hang tight!

Site down

I can’t open any channel page or profile page and the contribution page shows me a ‘get started’ button.

Thanks, @jeslynl for your super quick response :grin:

[Solved] ISSUE IN VIKI Error 500 on Viki Please FIX IT

I was just making a post about it:

When I try to log into the result is:




The same happened on another browser.


Thank you for moving it @jeslynl, I meant to post it here. :wink:


thx @jeslynl for informing us =)


@twinkling @mirjam_465 @teufelchen_netty_266

PHEW! Sorry for the hiccup - it’s been fixed!

You should now be able to access and and your Viki inbox. Your Contribute dashboard should also display correctly. :white_check_mark:

If anything still looks amiss, let us know!

Thank you for being patient with us!