[Solved] Known-issue: Viki downtime across and apps


For a moment the search option seemed to work … but only for the latest searches, not for new ones and I was back at episode one with each series.
Searching for other shows gave:

And by now I even seem to have been logged out!

Or maybe not …

Things changing all the time, but no real improvement.


Just a moment ago I saw my profile pic again and now:


Oh, dear!
I think, I was about to start the last episode, or the one before I lost count, I was binge-watching. It’s not that good just to keep myself from taking painkillers, so distracting helps but now. And I almost forgot the title, haha …

I started to look through the Viki YT channel … It seems they have many dramas on it, but not the one I currently watch. Puh!


The Help Center is available. At least for me it worked to click on the link at the bottom:


Trying to sign back in gave me this:


Pfff … let’s all go to sleep till all this is over! :smirk:

Ah, too bad. Which one are you watching?


@lutra @mirjam_465 thank you for the Help Center help, alas, I got booted off Viki and cannot sign back in (web & iOS), therefore cannot make a ticket for this issue :pensive: Yes, it’s nap time! Sending positive vibes to the Viki crew helping fix this problem!


I got logged out as well. Hopefully they’ll read it here.


Well at least on our side of the world, but viki was my best sleeping pill these days.

Nothing groundbreaking - Nice to meet you (? still not sure about the title, but would have like to finish it, as tomorrow it will be a lot to do)

Edit just checked 53 eps okay wouldn’t be able to finish it then, I think I was somewhere around 45.


Aaah, it looked like I was logged back in, but when I wanted to go baxk to the help center I got that doggie again!


Is called Hammy! It is/was the dog of Michael, those were the days you could easily get in touch with Viki staff.

This is the second time I am walking down memories’ lane, is it named like that, anyway …
If you want to go for nostalgia viki days

Das Internet vergisst nichts! German expression translation The Internet never forgets!


Thanks, I had no idea the dog had a name!

I’m back on the Help Center. The link at the bottom by now led me to a false link (something about zendesk), but the link I copied from there on this thread still worked, strangely enough.


Seeing same as you TT


I sent a request!

And by now I see this, but am still (or again) logged out:


Sadly yes. :frowning:

By now I’m logged back in but now I see this again:


I’ll be back in 20-30 minutes, we will see how it is then …


Oh, one channel page just came out fine.
Nothing else though …
But at least something is.
Back in another 20 mins


Everything now working for me except accessing channels to sub.


same here, it comes on then shuts off, wonder if these stormes are wrecking havoc with the broadcasting
been doing this for a few hours.

I couldn’t get into help center either


the website came back up, albeit very slow.
but there are some shows that are completely missing, including Into the Ring and CHIP-IN, that I have been trying to access.